Since 1975, we have witnessed a total of 12 World Cup tournaments. Many great nations have participated in the tournaments, and excellent players have played in them. The Australian Cricket team is one of the most prosperous countries in terms of the world cup, as they have managed to win five trophies out of these 12. India and West Indies have won the trophy twice, while Sri Lanka, England, and Pakistan have won the World Cup just once. In this article, we will discuss the top 10 highest Individual runs scored in a world cup final.

1. Adam Gilchrist (149)

The number one spot is the great Australian wicketkeeper-Batsmen Adam Gilchrist. The wicket-keeper-Batsmen holds the record of scoring the highest individual run in a world cup final in 2007. Gilchrist played an excellent inning of 149 in just 104 deliveries. The innings consisted of 13 fours and eight sixes. He was one of the significant reason that Australia won the 2007 world cup.

2. Ricky Ponting (140)

The second highest runs in a world cup final us scored by the former Australian captain Ricky Ponting in the 2003 World Cup final. The former Australian captain was well renowned for his batting, and in the 2003 World Cup final, he played a blistering knock of 140 runs of just 121 deliveries that included eight sixes and four fours.

3. Sir Viv Richards (138)

Next on the list is the legendary player from the West Indies, Sir Vivian Richards. In the 1979 World Cup final, Sir Vivian Richards scored 138 runs off 158 deliveries, which is the third-highest run scored in a world cup final. The innings consisted of 11 fours and three sixes. Sir Richards was one of the best batsmen of that era.

4. Arvind De Silva (107)

In the 1996 world cup final, while playing against Australia in Lahore, Sri Lankan batsmen Arvind de Silva scored 107 runs, this, is the fourth-highest run scored in a world cup final. His overall innings consisted of 13 fours, and he was also named the man of the match in the world cup final.

5. Mahela Jayawardene (103)

Mahela Jayawardene is one of the three players to be mentioned in this list who had played in the 2011 world cup final. In the 2011 world cup final, Sri Lanka was playing against India, where in the first innings, Mahela Jayawardeneplayed a blistering knock of 103 off 88 balls, his, innings consisted of 13 fours.

6. Clive Lloyd (102)

Clive Lloyd scored the 6th highest run in a world cup final. In the 1975 World Cup, this was the very first season of the World Cup; Clive Lloyd played an exceptional inning of 102 against Australia in the finals. The innings helped West Indies win the first-ever world cup. His innings consisted of two sixes and 12 fours.

7. Gautam Gambhir (97)

In the 2011 world cup, final India, was chasing a massive target against Sri Lanka. Due to the fall of early wickets, India was very pressurized. In that situation, Gautam Gambhir played a crucial knock of 97 in the finals. His innings consisted of 9 fours. The innings of Gautam Gambhir are one of the primary reasons for India to win the 2011 world cup.

8. Mahendra Singh Dhoni (91)

Mahendra Singh Dhoni is the next player mentioned on this list. He played in the 2011 world cup final. The former Indian captain played a very crucial knock of 91 in a pressure run chase of a world cup final. He played 79 deliveries and hit eight fours and two sixes. The innings of Dhoni is considered as one of the best innings played in a world cup final.

9. Damien Martyn (88)

Next in the list of the top 10 highest runs scored in a world cup final is the innings of Damien Martyn. In the 2003 World Cup final Damien Martyn played a crucial knock of 88 against India. He faced 84 deliveries in that innings and it consisted of 7 fours and a six.

10. Collis King (86)

In the 1979 world cup final, Collis played a knock of 86 while playing against England. His innings consisted of 10 fours and three sixes. The knock was essential for West Indies in the finals. This score was nearly matched by Ben Stokes in the 2019 world cup final, where he scored a knock of 84.