In cricket, searching the players has been established even before the birth of social media. Players often get searched due to their performance, form, or statements. In today’s era, social media has made searching very easy. They get viral quickly, and a vast majority of people favor them. This searching can create a mental trauma in the player’s mind. It can also take as a cognitive test to ensure that the players are not disturbed. Here are the top 10 most searched cricketers on social media.

10. Tim Paine

In Border Gavaskar Trophy 2018-19, the Australian captain, Tim Paine, sledded Rishabh Pant. Some of his words were: “Do you babysit? I can take my wife to the movies while you watch the kids.” He and Michael Vaughan predicted that India would lose the series in the absence of Virat Kohli. But after India’s win, many Indian and Australian fans also searched Tim Paine. He said that he received 600+ searching messages on Instagram.

9. Mushfiqur Rahim

In 2016, when India lost in the semifinal against West Indies, Mushfiqur Rahim posted a tweet: ” Happiness is this….!!! #ha haha…!! India lost in the semifinal..” He got searched by Indian fans very severely. Many cricketers did not like his behavior. Later, he apologized by saying: “Sorry to all of you guys…as I am a big West Indies supporter but anyway sorry again for some harsh words…!!!!”

8. Shakib Al Hasan

In a match of Dhaka Premier League, Shakib Al Hasan kicked and uprooted the stumps while arguing with the on-field umpire. Fans didn’t accept this behavior from an experienced player. He got abused and criticized by many cricket fans. Due to this incident, umpire Imran Parvez resigned from umpiring. Later, Shakib apologized for his outburst with a statement on Facebook.

7. Yuzvendra Chahal

The Indian leg-spinner got searched in a fun way on social media. His picture lying down on the ground with sunglasses became meme material. He often gets searched for his tattoo by comparing it with Dwayne Johnson. The funniest moment was when Martin Guptill abused him on camera. He doesn’t get hate but gets searched in a fun way.

6. Sarfaraz Ahmed

Sarfaraz is one of the few Pakistani cricketers who get searched for their funny behavior on the field. In a match between India and Pakistan, he got caught yawning with boring body language. Fans searched him for not concentrating on the condition. They also search him for the way he speaks English. He is one of the funniest players.

5. Rohit Sharma

Earlier, Rohit was searched as ‘Maggi Man’ during his International Career, who gets out in 2 minutes. Recently he got searched when Virender Sehwag called him ‘vada pav’ for his fitness. Rohit often gets searched when he doesn’t score runs on a required stage. He also got searched when he got found eating on camera in the dugout.

4. Kamran Akmal

Kamran Akmal was named ‘Butter-fingered Akmal’ for his bad wicket-keeping skills. He also got dropped many times for his catch-dropping moments. As a wicketkeeper, you have the advantage of catching the ball. But he used to drop simple nets too. Searchers used to criticize him, even when someone else dropped the catch.

3. Ashok Dinda

Dinda gets searched due to his expensive overs bowled in IPL. The searching went viral. Whenever a bowler leaked runs in the IPL, he got compared to the Bengal pacer with “Dinda Academy.” The searches created a fictional ‘Dinda Academy’ featuring all the bowlers with a high economy rate in the league. He is one of the most searched Indian cricketers

2. Sam Curran

Sam is searched social media for his teenage looks. He has seen the little kid at the CSK camp. His boyish looks and clean-shaven face add more innocence to his personality. He also got searched for his sunglasses in a match against RCB. Searchers make fun by comparing his birth year and any player’s debut year. For example, (when he bowled against Chris Gayle) Chris Gayle made a debut for his national team in 1998, when Curran was not even born.

1. Umar Akmal

‘Sir Umar Akmal’ is the most searched topic on social media. Akmal shocked everyone when he uploaded a picture on Twitter with the caption ‘Mother from another brother.’ Searchers jumble any sentence and write Akmal’s name down. For example, ‘Lion like a roar’ – Umar Akmal. You will get thousands of meme posts for Umar Akmal on social media. Undoubtedly, he is the most searched cricketer on social media.