Cricket is one of the most popular sports around the world. India has a huge fanbase for cricket. People especially love watching the batting and bowling of Virat Kohli and Rashid Khan because of the way they evolved from their poor backgrounds. Does the family background affect the career? The answer is no.

1. Ravindra Jadeja

He is known for his popularity and team spirit. He will be there on the elite list in the top 10 all-rounders rankings. His father worked as a watchman and his mother as a nurse in a government hospital. After his mother's death, he struggled a lot, but due to his continuous hard work, he got selected for the U19 Indian team in 2005, and in the last IPL, he was the captain of the Chennai Super Kings.

2. MS Dhoni

His father worked as a pitch curator, and because of his father, he worked as a traveling ticket examiner on the railway, but he got a chance to represent the railway team at that time, and only the world came to know his potential. Now he also plays for the Chennai Super Kings, showing that age is just a number. His fan base is so large that when he enters the field to play, the crowd cheering can be heard, and he is the only captain to achieve all the major ICC trophies.

3. Mohammed Shami

He was born In UP, and his father helped him a lot and cycled around 30 km to the coaching academy. His father was also a fast bowler. Shami started to show his skill in representing the Indian team, and for his growth, he moved to Kolkata now. He is an excellent bowler. He also got hat – trick wicket in the world cup.

4. Jasprit Bumrah

When he was young he had a passion for becoming a cricketer. During an interview, he said that during his childhood, he could afford only one pair of T-shirts and trousers, the same ones he used to wear daily. At 19, he represented the Mumbai Indians and sent back Kohli. At first, he was a little bit tensed, but after that, he gained momentum and is now known by the name Yorker Specialist. He also batted well in Gabba, and in the International Cricket Council bowlers ranking, he came in at number one.

5. T Natarajan

Mainly known to Yorkers, they all came to know his capability while playing in the TNPL, and after getting picked by the IPL team, he started to perform well. He is from a low-income family, and he has five siblings, so it is somewhat more difficult. His father is a power loom worker, and his mother has a food stall that is still working. He got affected by a lot of injuries, and because of this, he was not fit and was benched for many games, but he came back stronger. Now he is playing for the team Sunrisers Hyderabad.

6. Dale Steyn

He is a well-known player, as he is known for his deadly yorkers and swinging balls. No one can predict what will happen next while he plays because he turns the ball in such a way. He is from a low-income family. He worked at home barefoot, and he played the game only after begging for shoes. Now he is working as a bowling coach for the IPL team.

7. Shoaib Akhtar

Shoaib Akhtar has been a nightmare to every batter, as he bowls fast, has short balls, and is the best in the world. While going for trials in Pakistan, he doesn't have money, so while traveling on the bus, when the conductor came and asked for money, he used to run to the roof of the bus. By facing these struggles, he only reached these many heights. He is famous for his bowling action and can bowl faster, which is why he is a nightmare for every batter. The great cricketer Sachin Tendulkar once said the most difficult bowler he faced was Shoaib Akhtar.

8. Rashid Khan

He has 11 brothers, so he has faced many struggles to reach this point as the best leg spinner in the world. He just came from a place where war used to happen, and many of the fans came to watch him play even after an attack by a suicide bomber. His idol is Afridi, and he practiced with his brothers. At the age of 17, he made his international debut, and he also scored hattricks. He also got greater attention because he could bowl variations. During an interview, an interviewer asked what his dream was, and what he said was to take his country to greater heights. He can also play helicopter shots and also knows well how to finish a game.

9. Chris Gayle

He mainly grew up in a small Jamaican town and used to go write scorecards. That is how he learned the game. He used to say life was insensitive when he was young as he did not have money to eat food and used to bathe in the shower in front of the school, and his tiny house also doesn't have water, electricity, or proper nutrition. He is an excellent hitter of sixes and is well known for his celebration after scoring a century. Because of these reasons, he got the name UNIVERSE BOSS. Now he is working as a commentator and also as a cricket analyst in IPL. He is a powerful batter too who can hit sixes to longer distances.

10. Mitchell Johnson

He is one of the best-known fast bowlers, whose first sport was tennis. He hails from Queensland, Australia. He is one of the cricketers whose career started so late, and at the start, he had fractures, so he struggled well to return as he is from a low-income family. At the age of 17, he just changed his mind and changed his career to cricket. He made his first-class debut in 2001, and everyone came to know his potential as he could bowl with extra swings, in which batters cannot predict where the ball will swing, and also bat, as he also scored centuries, which attracted a lot of selectors.