Argentina was always famous for the representing of the football team wherein many excellent players have an immense level of performance that has to exalt over the international platform as well, still in 1974, there was an enactment of the international cricket council, as the sport was later introduced by the British immigrants, who disclosed that there could be the board of cricket association who can explore the vulnerability of the player who can approach their career path on cricket as a sport.

1. Agustin Casime

He is an argentine player who have played enough of the national side and regional platform of the list, when he was at the age of 16 casime was the part of the squad which was won against the South American team wherein the championship was held in the year 2000 herein it was noted as the Cricinfo report that was one of the shone within the competition.

2. Alejandro Ferguson 

He is one of the leading players who have enshrined over the batting and fielding skill towards the team making an average of 88 runs with an average of the 44 as the team was established in the year of 2017, he was having the career span of 2019.

3. Alejandro Tissera 

Tissera was one of the best knowledgeable skill players in the cricket field that can be used appropriately against the opponent. Showing an extensive amount of skills in T20 and another short-tenured match he showed an extensive level of performance, and also, he played in regional as well as a national team.

4. Martin Siri 

He is another outstanding player who played in the second position after Tissera that made an average run of 82 moreover playing with an average of 27.33, he was rewarded for possessing a significant level of tactics against the team, his career span was between 2019-20 and he will be representing the team in national level.

5. Laurtaro Musiani 

He was one of the early players who was able to play the international cricket wherein the non-first class player was selected to represent the team in all the level, he held up with the two world cast team that was Brazil, and Chile which was toured in the year 2012, and he appeared in both the matches.

6. Bernard Irigoyen 

He is an Argentinian cricketer right-handed with medium-pacer of the team and he played ICC trophy wherein the time around that was more impressively performed. Irigoyen went almost around nine-year, which was eventually without represented his country as before even recalling in squad A.

7. Billy MacDermott 

He was one of the vulnerable players that consist of all the fledge journey towards the men ICC World Cup that was underway in Argentina wherein 12 regional level qualifiers have taken place in the international who confirmed improved eligibility of qualification of the process for the event.

8. Clement Gibson 

Gibson who have wone twice for the fleeting over the fame of remembered as the part of beating the Australian team in the year of 1921, in the college-age he competes with the Cambridge university wherein he was picked as the captain for representing the team for representing matches that have toured in the other side.

9. Cyril Ayling 

Cyril is an Argentina player who played for the international as well as the national team who played against the Southe American cricket association, which was eventually been held in the tour to England which was dated in 1932. He has played from the non0first class position, and was later labeled as the representative of the match and he entered the official team.

10. Ramiro Escobar 

He has represented the Argentina team for many teams wherein he also has the professional span of 2019-20 wherein he was able to achieve the run rate around 68 and possessing an average of 22.66. he was considered an agile and fragile person at the same time due to his techniques.