The national team of Austria has been recognized for the representing of the Republic of Austria within the international and national platform as the group became the affiliated member of the ICC series in 1992 and made an extensive level debut of the European Cricketer Cup within the year of 1990. It was regularly, been held under the completion by the lower and upper-division by playing the bilateral series that was against the European side.

1. Razmal Shigwal 

The overview of the player, is that he is the captain of the team, and even considered as the all-rounder of the team wherein he played around 12 matches and innings made around 306 runs that were made within the series his highest run was 70. The average run rate was taken up as 38.25 and strike rate of the shot was 136.60.

2. Bilal Zalmai 

The player, has been considered for the extensive skill over the batting tactics in 2019-21 have played around eight matches and seven innings in both national and international cricket platforms. He scored around 259 runs, and his highest-scoring of the series was 111 not out, and the average of 43.16 as well as the strike rate of the run will be 175.

3. Mark Simpson Parker 

He is considered, as the all-rounder of the series within 2019-21 as the matches which were played like ten matches and eight innings wherein, he was able to make the satisfactory score of 190 runs upholding the highest count of 65 not out. His strike rate of the series was 118.75, and the average run rate was 27.14 throughout the cricket match.

4. Mirza Ahsan 

Performance of the player were always in the grace of achievement that has categorized into batting, fielding, and bowling he has the career span of 2019-21. He played around eight matches and seven innings wherein he successfully achieved the run rate of 153, and the highest score was 52 not out.

5. Imran Asif 

He is efficient and vulnerable of the Austrian player who has played from the international championship of 2011 ICC cricket series as the T20 matches have the division of one more tournament. In the year 2021, he was also termed under the Austrian squad wherein he made around 412 runs, and the highest among all time was 92 possessing the average rate as 41.8 and strike rate as 120.11.

6. Sahel Zadran 

The Sahel has the position of all-rounder wherein he is eventually good at fielding skills, bowling as well as batting mechanism as in the seven matches within, which there was an achievement of 20 runs as an average strike rate 157.1 was made and six wickets were targeted.

7. Abdullah Akbarjan 

He is also been termed under the category of all-rounder, which has been put forth of the playing perspective which was settled as in the eight matches was played within which he made the run of 30 along the span of 2019-21.

8. Lakmal Kasturiarachchige 

Lakmal is been considered for the efficient skill which he possesses for been termed under the list of all-rounders that have played 2011 European international series and T20 Championship that have been settled towards the division of one of the defined tournaments. In the year 2021, he was taken into consideration by the Austrian cricket association within the squad of the central European cup.

9. Jaweed Sadran 

He is considered for the all-rounder player who is eventually, been held for the overall series of games that made an extensive game of three matches and three innings wherein he was able to make around 50 runs and three wickets consecutively within 2019-21 that have made a variety of enhancement over cricket.

10. Iqbal Hossain 

Iqbal is considered as the Austrian cricketer that has been awarded for the efficiency of bowling and batting as he made his career in both of the categories that he possessed an average strike rate of 200 and made around 468 runs in 12 matches and 12 innings in his professional span period.