In the sports team, there is an awarded initiatives and rewarding cheque which defined the best player who was able to show the outstanding performance which neither can be forgettable nor can be ignorable due to which he/she is been labeled for the position of Man of the match or Player of Match in any of the physical recreation activity.

1. Ricky Ponting 

Ricky Ponting who was a mesmerizing player which the public cannot remove from their mind. Despite many duties from a captain to the player he was able to fulfill all the responsibilities moreover his captainship was in the Golden era between the span of 2004-2011 in test match series wherein Australian team was known for the undefeatable team. And the opponent team used to be scared to face the team under his captaincy.

2. Shane Watson 

Shane Watson is the Australian player who has fulfilled the duties of captain in an occasional number in all the different format who have shown his capabilities in a national and international platform. The specialty which is been defined was he an exclusive batsman and also have been labeled in the most elegant swing bowler. His presence is enough to make the player nervous as his fielding and batting skills are highly acceptable.

3. Jason Gillespie 

Jason was considered for the bowling skill who have enrooted his skills throughout the nineteenth century and now he is one among the  strongest coaches who give guidance for the way of throwing the ball in all the three formats. He was settled for the competency towards other countries and was unbeatable 201 wickets. Guiding criteria and tactics for making the player understand the principles to face the bowl is also important which Gillespie have initiated in a proper manner.

4. Simon Katich 

Simon is been remarkably known for the coach position who was the former cricketer of the team that have an extensive quality, before the retirement which was summarised at the end of the season 2007, an unexpected accomplished leader who has recognized plenty of tactics and principles over bowling and batting which can be used against the team.

5. Steve Waugh 

Steve is the former player of the Australian team who played from the domestic team to the international substitute, after 2004 he joined the coach position for providing with the flailed knowledge about bowling who was determined as one of the most elegant players who used by called as – Wolves throwing bowling at the highest speed.

6. Greg Blewett 

Greg is now a retired Australian player who used to play in ODI within the span period of 1995 to 2000 as he was all known for the bowling skills who was considered for a stylish look and fluent stroke maker who have a particular level of liking for the specialty over pull, hook, cover leveled drive, and cut.

7. Justin Langer 

Justin was an Australian player and also the coach of the official national team that has been giving training to the younger generation for implying the role of the opener, fielder, and bowler. Western Australia is always been known for the player who has a tough battled hardened personality to fight with any match.

8. Matthew Hayden 

Matthew is a player who played the three positions within the duration of their life i.e. Cricketer, Commentator, and coach whose professional life spanned around 15 years. He was all known for being the powerful, flawless, and aggressive batsman who was having the embedded quality of scoring the run quickly even in test matches.

9. Allan Border 

Allan is also possessing the quality of batsman, commentator, and fielders who have been captain for many extensive years that have all the quality of leadership, eventually he played around 156 matches in his entire life career but Steve Waugh broke the record but labeled him as one of the exclusive players because the record was broken by the Australian player.

10. Shane Warne 

Shane was a former Australian player who is currently the commentator and guidance coach of bowling for the international team, arguably Shane was one of the greatest bowlers that any other game can make in the history of cricket, as his redefined spin was tremendously labeled for the potential.