Steve Smith is an Australian cricketer considered one of the best batters ever. He has played 286 Test matches, scoring 8941 runs at an average of 62.89. He has additionally performed 232 One Day Internationals, scoring 6972 runs at an average of 43.80. Smith is a proper-passed batsman recognized for his technically correct batting and ability to attain runs in all conditions. He is likewise an excellent captain, leading Australia to victory in the 2015 Cricket World Cup.

1. 164 Against New Zealand

On December 4, 2016, in the exciting 1st Match of the Australia vs New Zealand series, Steve Smith showcased his batting prowess with a great innings. Smith's masterful overall performance saw him amass an impressive general of 164 runs, showing tremendous composure and method. He faced 157 deliveries, punctuating his innings with 14 fantastically timed fours and 4 towering sixes, demonstrating his ability to dominate the New Zealand bowlers. What made his innings even more unique was his capacity to keep a commendable strike rate of 104.46, highlighting his capability to balance between consistent accumulation and aggressive stroke play. Steve Smith's innings in that Match testified to his ability and capacity to anchor the Australian innings efficiently.

2. 149 Against India

On January 12, 2016, in the eagerly expected 1st Match of the Australia vs. India series, Steve Smith exhibited his batting brilliance with a memorable overall performance. Smith's innings of 149 runs left an indelible mark on the cricketing international. He faced one hundred thirty-five deliveries with high-quality poise and precision, crafting his innings with 11 crisply timed fours and 2 giant sixes. What set his innings apart was his remarkable ability to hold hanging stability, registering a commendable strike rate of 110.37. Steve Smith's innings in that Match showcased his fantastic skill, awareness, and versatility as a batsman, making it a standout moment in his illustrious profession.

3. 131 Against India

On January 19, 2020, in the reasonably aggressive third Match of the India v Australia series, Steve Smith yet again established his batting mastery with a memorable innings. Smith's composed and resilient overall performance led to 131 runs that left cricket lovers in awe. He displayed impeccable technique while dealing with 132 deliveries, punctuating his innings with 14 stylish fours and a towering six, showcasing his capability to constantly locate gaps and accumulate runs. Smith maintained a commendable strike rate of 99.24, highlighting his adaptability in different codecs of the sport. His innings in that suit showcased his resilience and class as a batsman, earning him accolades from lovers and friends alike.

4. 108 Against South Africa

In the extreme 3rd Match of the 2016-2017 South Africa vs. Australia series, played on October 5, 2016, Steve Smith showcased his batting prowess with a magnificent innings. His score of 108 runs was a testament to his exceptional skills and backbone. Smith, recognized for his excellent technique and capacity to study the game, faced 107 deliveries, expertly crafting his innings with nine exquisitely timed fours and a towering six. His overall performance was even more unique, with his ability to maintain an excellent strike rate of 100.93, balancing constant accumulation and controlled aggression. Steve Smith's innings in that fit became a conventional display of his batting finesse and his potential to excel below strain.

5. 108* Against Pakistan

On January 19, 2017, in the third Match of the Australia vs. Pakistan series all through the 2016-2017 season, Steve Smith introduced a batting masterclass that left an indelible mark. Smith scored an unbeaten 108 runs, showcasing his abilities and unshakable composure at the crease. He confronted 104 deliveries, threading his innings with 11 superbly timed fours and a well-executed six. What set this innings aside was his capability to keep a first-rate strike rate of 103.85, efficiently balancing managed aggression with measured shot selection. Steve Smith's innings in that shape no longer most spartan secured victory for his crew; however, additionally underscored his popularity as one of the most incredible batters in cutting-edge cricket, famed for his impeccable technique and unwavering consistency.

6. 105 Against India

In the high-stakes second Semi-Final of the 2014-2015 ICC World Cup, performed on March 26, 2015, Steve Smith etched his call into cricketing records with a stellar overall performance. Smith scored a pivotal 105 runs and displayed fantastic composure and skill under sizeable strain. He confronted 93 deliveries, elegantly placing eleven fours and launching 2 towering sixes, charming cricket fanatics globally. What stood out was Smith's potential to maintain a remarkable strike rate of 112.90, balancing the demands of a crucial World Cup suit with his innate skills. Steve Smith's innings in that semi-very last became a defining second in his career, showcasing his mettle on the grandest level and solidifying his reputation as a pinnacle-magnificence batsman.

7. 105 Against India

On November 27, 2020, during the 1st Match of the Australia vs. India series in the 2020-2021 season, Steve Smith introduced a batting masterclass that left lovers in awe. Scoring a blistering one hundred and five runs, Smith exhibited his outstanding skill and flexibility. In that short span, he confronted sixty-six balls and controlled to dispatch the bowlers for 4 mighty sixes, showcasing his capability to dominate the crease. His tremendous strike rate of 159.09 set this inning apart, a testament to his aggressive reason and impeccable timing. Steve Smith's innings in that shape displayed his dynamic batting prowess, solidifying his recognition as one of the most flexible and impactful batters in present-day cricket.

8. 105 Against New Zealand

On September 11, 2022, in the 3rd Match of the 2022 Australia v New Zealand series, Steve Smith demonstrated his magnificence and resilience with a memorable innings. Scoring an essential one hundred and five runs, Smith once more proved his worth as a stalwart within the Australian cricket lineup. Despite facing 131 deliveries, he struck eleven superb fours and a nicely timed six, showcasing his trademark precision and shot selection. While his strike rate of 80.15 might also appear slight, it becomes a testament to his potential to anchor the innings and construct a strong foundation for his crew. Steve Smith's innings in that Match highlighted his capability to evolve to the scenario and extensively contribute to Australia's success.

9. 104 Against South Africa

In the interesting 4th Match of the 2014-2015 Australia vs. South Africa series, played on November 21, 2014, Steve Smith showcased his burgeoning skills with a splendid innings. Scoring a vital 104 runs, Smith's performance underlined his developing stature in global cricket. Despite facing 112 deliveries, he controlled to strike seven nicely-located fours, showing impeccable shot placement and timing. His capability to preserve a strike charge of 92.86 reflected his composure and flexibility, hallmarks of his batting fashion. Steve Smith's innings in that Match not only contributed notably to Australia's achievement. He also hinted at the batting brilliance that could later establish him as one of the international's most beneficial batters.

10. 104 Against India

In the second Match of the 2020-2021 Australia v India series, played on November 29, 2020, Steve Smith introduced a competitive and fluent batting masterclass. Scoring a blazing 104 runs, Smith's innings became a testimony to his incredible capacity to dominate the competition. With just sixty-four deliveries, he carved out 14 crisply timed fours and towering sixes, showcasing his first-rate shot-making prowess. What set his overall performance apart changed into his putting strike rate of 162.50, exemplifying his functionality to boost the innings when wished. Steve Smith's innings in that shape turned into a spectacle of his unrivaled skill, aptitude, and knock for appearing on the grandest degrees of cricket.