Australian national cricket team is the most successful and unbeatable team in the history of Test matches and in One Day International matches, in terms of overall wins, win-loss ratio, and winning percentage. Said cricket team won more than 60 percent of their ODI matches. The Australian cricket team has appeared seven times in the World Cup out of which they won World Cup 5 times. This is not done by any other cricket team; it was all due to the captains they had in their past.

10. Herbie Collins

Herbie Collins was the successful test captain and all-rounder of the Australian national cricket team. Under his captainship Australian cricket team won 5 Test matches out of 11 Test matches with the loss of two matches and four matches were draw. His Test career ended badly, and in a gloom of suspicion when Australia lost the Fifth Test match and The Ashes against England in 1926.

9. Lindsay Hassett

Lindsay Hassett played 24 Test matches, out of which he had won 14 Test matches and suffered defeat in only four matches, but it was the last of the four losses that ruined his record. He is famous for his cheerful character with a Poker face that helped his captaincy; Hassett was known for his quality as an ambassador for Australia and his sense of humor and diplomatic skills.

8. Richie Benaud

According to Neil Harvey, he was the first captain who initiated hosting team meetings, a kind of procedure now followed by his successors after his retirement. Benaud had a little bit of experience of captainship and faced a lot of ups and downs in recovering the Ashes from an England cricket team that had arrived in Australia as favorites.

7. Ian Chappel

From 1971 to 1975, Ian Chappel was the captain of the Australian national cricket team and took the central role in the breakaway World Series Cricket Organisation. He was a driving force behind the professionalism of the Australian national cricket team in the era of 1970s.

6. Bill Woodfull

Bill Woodfull was unanimously selected by the Australian board. Although, Woodfull has not very much experience of captainship and in his brief captaincy he was the first captain to announce his team’s second innings in Shield history. Woodfull’s behavior towards his teammates is superb, and his calmness is key to his success.

5. Ricky Ponting

Ricky Ponting is one of the most successful and long-serving captains of the Australian national cricket team. He is one of the top scorers in One Day International matches as well as Test matches and under his captainship Australian cricket team won two World Cup matches.

4. Donald Bradman

Sir Donald Bradman made the record of hitting the most runs as a captain, 810 runs in 5 test matches against England from 1936 to 1937 in the Ashes series in Australia. Bradman’s made a record of highest test batting average of 99.94, it was the greatest achievement for any cricketer.

3. Steve Waugh

Steve Waugh is merely famous for taking the Australian national cricket team to one of the excellent positions in the world of cricket. Under his captainship, the Australian cricket team won 41 Test matches out of 57 matches, with a world-record winning percentage of 71.92. After the retirement of Mark Taylor, Steve Waugh was appointed as the new captain of the Australian national cricket team.

2. Mark Taylor

Mark Taylor’s attitude towards captainship was straight forward he allowed the cricketers to play freely and the way they wanted to, he didn’t interfere in the playing strategy of his team players. He was the captain of the Australian national cricket team from 1994 to 1999 after succeeding Allan Border.

1. Allan Border

Allan Border is one of the successful captains who made their excellent name in the world of cricket.  Australian national cricket team. His nickname is “A.B.”He played 156 Test matches in his cricket career. The border named the world record for the number of consecutive Test appearances of 153.