Without a doubt, Mitchell Starc has irrevocably modified the face of global cricket. He's a nightmare for any batter with his lightning-quick pace, pin-point accuracy, and lethal left-arm swing. Starc, an Australian, made a significant effect in 2010 and rapidly cemented the team's bowling assault. His World Cup achievements were terrific because he regularly reserves patience for the most critical stage. Starc's potential to perform beneath duress demonstrates his genuine elegance, whether he's swinging the ball forward or throwing yorkers on the give up of the sport. He's carving his way into the pantheon of fast bowling greats. He is an authentic shape-winner on his day.

1. 6/28 Against New Zealand

Mitchell Starc's unforgettable performance in the 20th ICC World Cup 2015 match in New Zealand showcased his sheer brilliance. He mesmerized each person with an astonishing haul of 6 wickets for a trifling 28 runs with his deadly tempo and impeccable line and duration. What stood out changed into his tremendous economy rate of 3.11, which exhibited his ability to throttle the opposition's scoring while continuously posing a risk. This incredible show of talent and resolution was pivotal in his group's victory. It etched his name in World Cup history as one of the standout bowling performances of all time.

2. 6/43 Against India

Mitchell Starc's scintillating performance in the 2nd match of the 2014-2015 Carlton Mid International Tri-Series in opposition to India left cricket fanatics in awe. His remarkable feat of taking six wickets for 43 runs showcased his mastery of fast bowling. His inclusion of two maiden overs, which tightened the screws at the competition, added to the brilliance. Starc's ability to continually trouble the Indian batters and his financial system confirmed his aggression and management skills. This remarkable show underscored his popularity as a true match-winner and solidified his reputation as one of the top-quality fast bowlers in the world.

3. 5/20 Against West Indies

Mitchell Starc's standout overall performance in the 2012-2013 Australia vs. West Indies 1st Match on February 1, 2013, remains a memorable spotlight in his career. His excellent feat of shooting five wickets, even conceding the handiest 20 runs, showcased his prowess as a skilled, speedy bowler. Adding to his brilliance, Starc additionally brought 2 maiden overs, putting enormous strain on the West Indies batting lineup. With an outstanding economy rate of 2.93, he has proven his capacity to take wickets is most effective and preserved the scoring in take a look at. This overall performance highlighted Starc's capability as a sport-changer and solidified his recognition as a formidable pressure inside the cricket world.

4. 5/26 Against New Zealand

Mitchell Starc's fantastic display throughout the 37th match of the ICC Men's Cricket World Cup 2019 in opposition to New Zealand showcased his unmatched bowling prowess. Securing an outstanding 5-wicket haul while conceding just 26 runs, he left an enduring effect. With a maiden over to his name and an incredible economy rate of 2.69, Starc proved his capability to combine accuracy and aggression seamlessly. His skillful version, impeccable line, and length posed a constant task to the New Zealand batters, turning the fit in Australia's choice. This performance epitomized Starc's role as a real shape-winner and highlighted his importance in the global cricket degree.

5. 5/32 Against West Indies

In the 2012-2013 Australia vs. West Indies 2nd Match held on February three, 2013, Mitchell Starc showcased his bowling prowess another time by securing an impressive 5-wicket haul in opposition to the West Indies. He displayed extraordinary management and variation by conceding the handiest 32 runs and turning in a maiden over. Despite an economy rate of 4.00, Starc's ability to continually take wickets proved critical in setting strain on the competition. His skillful bowling performed an extensive role in shaping the path of the fit and highlighted his ability to dismantle batting lineups. This performance underscored Starc's recognition as a powerful force in the cricketing world.

6. 5/42  Against Pakistan

In the 2012-2013 Pakistan vs. Australia 1st Match held on August 28, 2012, Mitchell Starc delivered a sensational bowling overall performance, clinching a terrific 5-wicket haul towards Pakistan. While conceding forty-two runs, he held a constant economy rate of 4.20. Adding to his prowess, Starc bowled maiden overs, showcasing his capacity to construct pressure and restriction scoring possibilities. His skillful variation and knack for choosing up essential wickets played a pivotal role in shaping the final results of the fit. This performance highlighted Starc's potential as a game-converting bowler and solidified his stature inside the cricketing global.

7. 5/46 Against West Indies

During the 2019 ICC World Cup's tenth Match on June 6, 2019, Mitchell Starc mastered rapid bowling with a superb performance against the West Indies. Notably securing five wickets at the same time as conceding 46 runs, Starc showcased his capability to dismantle the opposition's batting lineup. His management over line and period became evident through a maiden over, and regardless of an economy rate of 4.60, his wickets at critical junctures proved pivotal. This show underscored his popularity as a strike bowler and his ability to exchange the direction of suits, leaving an indelible mark on the match and the cricketing globe.

8. 5/48 Against West Indies

In the 2021-2022 West Indies vs. Australia 1st Match held on July 20, 2021, Mitchell Starc exhibited his prowess as a wicket-taking force by claiming an outstanding 5-wicket haul towards the West Indies. Despite conceding 48 runs, his economy rate stood at 6.00, a testament to his attacking method. A maiden over further showcased his manipulation of the sport's rhythm. While keeping a balance between aggression and accuracy, Starc's knack for well-timed breakthroughs was evident in the course of the match. This performance highlighted his resilience and impact, emphasizing his crucial role in shaping the final results of contests at the very best level of cricket.

9. 5/53 Against India

During the 2022-2023 India vs. Australia 2d Match held on March 19, 2023, Mitchell Starc exhibited brilliance as a pinnacle-tier fast bowler, capturing an outstanding five-wicket haul towards India. While conceding fifty-three runs, he maintained an economy rate of 6.63, showcasing his ability to strain the competition. Starc's inclusion of a maiden over highlighted his talent in stifling the batters's scoring possibilities. Although the runs might have flowed slightly more, his knack for taking vital wickets underscored his significance in pivotal moments. This performance reiterated his stature as a recreation-changing bowler at the worldwide cricket degree.

10. 4/14 Against Scotland

In the 2014-2015 ICC World Cup's 40th Match hung on March 14, 2015, Mitchell Starc showcased his mastery as a bowler with a notable overall performance in opposition to Scotland. Capturing 4 vital wickets while conceding 14 runs, he displayed excellent management over line and period, maintaining an outstanding economic system rate of 3.00. His delivery of a maiden over highlighted his ability to construct strain at the competition. Starc's skillful variant and accuracy continuously bothered the Scottish batsmen, showcasing his capacity to dominate fits even in conditions favoring the batting aspect. This show underscored his effect as a sport-converting bowler and contributed significantly to Australia's achievement in the match.