Cricket, as we all know, originated in England. Soon, it spread to other parts of the world and has now become a renowned sport in various countries. Today, there are multiple stadiums in the world, but do you know which was the first cricket stadium in the world and where? Well, it was the Lord’s Stadium in England, founded in 1814. Due to its brilliant history, this stadium is widely referred to as “The Home of Cricket.” Undoubtedly, it is every player’s dream to play cricket here due to its iconic history and prominence. Not just this, but this place holds a special place in the hearts of cricket fans as well. Therefore, all the victories at this ground are celebrated with immense pride and exuberance. So, let’s look at some of the top 10 moments that happened at Lord’s Stadium.

1. 1st Test Match

The first test match in cricket was played at Lord’s Stadium in 1884. It was a three-match series that took place between England and Australia, and the former team won it. This 1884 series led to the emergence of The Ashes series.

2. Natwest Trophy Final, 2002

In 2000, during the England tour of India, Andrew Flintoff took off his shirt at the Wankhede Stadium to celebrate England’s win. Similarly, in 2002, during the India tour of England, Sourav Ganguly took off his shirt on the Lord’s stadium balcony and brandished it in the air to celebrate India’s win in the Natwest Trophy Final. Though he was later castigated for taking off his shirt in public, his celebration moment was highly captured and became the headlines of newspapers. It is still remembered as one of the most iconic celebrations at the Lord’s.

3. Don Bradman-1930

Sir Don Bradman, a well-known Australian player, is highly revered in the cricket world. He is seen as one of the best batters and is known for his unusual records. This ferocious player, who batted with an average of 99.94, called his 254 runs at Lord’s the best knock of his career.

4. Pakistan Tour of England-1974

In 1974, during the Pakistan tour of England, Derek Underwood, a former English cricketer, produced the best bowling spell of his career. He took five wickets in the first inning and eight wickets in the second inning. Though the match ended in a draw, it is remembered for these spectacular bowling figures.

5. Windies 1973 Series

During the 1973 Windies tour of England, the Windies won the third test match by a massive margin. They won by an inning and 226 runs. It was, undoubtedly, a huge moment for the Windies players and was highly celebrated; however, at the same time, it was one of the biggest defeats for the hosts. They were simply outshined by the Windies and faced defeat by a massive margin.

6. 1983 World Cup

The 1983 ICC World Cup is a core memory for all Indian cricket fans. It is because India won its first World Cup ever, and that too at the Lord’s. Initially, the Indian team was seen as incapable, and it was believed that they would not be able to face the mighty and two-time defending champions Windies players in the final. However, they left everyone startled by winning the final.

7. India’s Win-2014

During the 2014 India tour of England, India, under the captaincy of M.S. Dhoni, won a test match at the Lord’s after a period of 28 years. A brilliant century by Ajinkya Rahane and Ishant Sharma’s seven wickets helped India clinch a win at Lord’s.

8. Massie’s Dream Debut

During the 1972 Ashes series in England, Bob Massie, an Aussie player, took eight wickets in both innings at Lord’s, thereby helping the Aussies claim a victory. Though many get anxious on their debut match, this is recorded as one of the best debuts in Cricket. Hence, it won’t be wrong to call it Massie’s dream debut.

9. Captain Knock By Strauss

During the 2009 Ashes Series, Andrew Strauss, a former English cricketer, played a crucial knock of 161 runs, which helped the English secure a win by 115 runs against the fearsome Aussies. It was a vital match since it was England’s first win at the Lord’s since 1934.

10. India’s Test Debut (1932)

India played its first Test match on June 25, 1932, at the Lord’s, thereby marking its test debut. Though, at this time, India was still a British colony, it became the sixth team to play international cricket. Though the visitors lost the match, this day is still cherished as India played its first test match ever.