Cricket is a beloved game. We witness some beautiful, aggressive, and emotional moments while watching cricket. Press Conferences are an integral part of the cricket game. Here, we are presenting "Top 10 funniest press conferences in cricket".

1. Rohit Sharma On The Opening Position

Here, we begin with Rohit in the list and end with him. When a journalist asked him why he won't give young batters like Ishan Kishan to open the innings, then Rohit asked," Do you want me and Shikhar to leave the opening position, and Kishan and Ritiraj will open for the team?".

2. Rohit Sharma On Dhoni's Birthday

When the journalist asked Rohit that tomorrow is Mahi's birthday. Can you say something about it? Rohit replied, " We will celebrate it. What else? ''. But the reporter was stubborn and again asked him to say something at least, Rohit replied in an amusing tone that we do you say on a birthday. Happy Birthday. That's what you say, right? We may celebrate our birthday on the bus. We will click photos and send them to you. ( laugh)

3. Rohit Sharma On Virat Kohli's Form

When the journalist asked Rohit that Virat is in the news nowadays( in poor form context). Rohit asked him why they were talking about it. Later, he said," It's ok, you can ask," in a stressed tone.

4. Jadeja's Epic Reply

When the journalist asked Jadeja what the news was going on that if Afghanistan beat New Zealand, then we had a chance to be there in the tournament. What will happen if the result is not in our favor? Then Jadeja thought for a while, and gave an epic reply to the reporter that we would pack our bags and go back home.

5. Dhoni, On His Retirement Question

When a reporter asked Dhoni if he was keen to continue playing cricket after this tournament, then Dhoni asked him to come here and sit with him, M.S cross-questioned the reporter, "Do you think I am unfit? He said no, even though he said that you run fast. Again, Dhoni asked him, "Do you think I am fit for the 2019 World Cup tournament?" He said yes in response. Dhoni smiled and told the reporter that you answered the question by yourself.

6. Rohit Trolls Back The Reporters

In the press conference, Rohit himself asked the reporter to ask the question. Then, the reporter asked him if the game was not played in the outfield, and Rohit had not spoken anything about the crowd and the pitch till now. Rohit smiled and gave a hilarious response that the rest of the reporters had not asked anything about it, even though he praised the reporter and said that it was the most appropriate question of the press conference.

7. Rohit Fumbles In Hindi

Rohit always shows his funniest side in press conferences and speaks in his proper Mumbaikar accent. While answering a question, Rohit said that he had "aan-ban" in his test career, but he quickly realized that the word was not appropriate; then he asked for the proper word, and someone in the press conference suggested ups and downs because of injuries that Rohit meant to say. Later, Rohit clarified that he has not good command of the Hindi language.

8. Virat Kohli

When reporters asked Virat Kohli if Rohit's form was poor, could we drop him from T20 Internationals? Then, Virat gave a retorted reply to the reporter and asked him if he would drop Rohit Sharma from T20 Internationals. Virat's expressions were the funniest part of the press   conference when the reporter asked about Sharma.

9. Rohit Sharma In Asia Cup 2023

After the Asia Cup final, Rohit Sharma attended the press conference. When Rohit was answering the reporter's question, he got interrupted by the sound of crackers bursting outside, which were bursted by the Indian team fans to celebrate the victory of India. Then he smiled and said burst crackers after we won the World Cup. This was a hilarious reply by Rohit to fans, and the video went viral across all social media platforms.

10. Rohit Sharma In The 2019 World Cup

Rohit Sharma is one of the finest cricket batsmen in cricket history. The Rohit Sharma, we see in the press conference is an unfiltered Mumbaikar. When the reporter asked him if there was any advice that he wanted to give the Pakistan team to rise from the crisis then, Rohit answered that if he was Pakistan's team coach, then he would surely tell them. Rohit Sharma is at his best off the field as well.