South Africa has produced cricketers who are one of the greatest players in the world. They gave us players who play their role on a world-class level. Whether it is a bowler or a batter, they show an outstanding performance throughout their career. But today, we will talk about their wicket-keepers. So let’s get started:

10. Billy Wade

Walter Wareham Wade was born on 18 June 1914. He played 11 Tests for South Africa between 1938 and 1950 that is, for 13 years. Billy was a South African wicket-keeper batsman. He has taken 17 stumpings in his career. Wade passed away on 31 May 2003. He is in the tenth position on the list.

9. Tommy Ward

Thomas Alfred Ward was born on 2 August 1887. He played exceptionally well in 23 test matches between 1912 and 1924. Tommy was an excellent right-handed wicket-keeper batsman. He has taken 32 dismissals as a wicket-keeper. Ward passed away on 16 February 1936. He is in the ninth position on the list.

8. Percy Sherwell

Percy William Sherwell was born on 18 August 1880. He was an aggressive batsman. Percy scored a century in his career. He played 13 tests for South Africa from 1906 to 1911. Sherwell passed away on 17 April 1948 (at the age of 68). He has taken 36 dismissals as a wicket-keeper. Percy is in the eighth position on the list.

7. Jock Cameron

Jock Cameron was born on 5 July 1905. Cameron was one of the best wicket-keepers at that time. He was also an outstanding hard-hitting middle-order batsman. Jock took 51 dismissals as a wicket-keeper. He passed away on 2 November 1935. Cameron is in the seventh position on the list.

6. Denis Lindsay

Denis Lindsay played in 19 test matches between 1963 and 1970. During the 1965 series against Australia, he made his best performance. Denis took 56 dismissals as a wicket-keeper (most by anyone at that time). He passed away on 30 November 2005 (at the age of 35). Denis scored three centuries in tests. Lindsay is in the sixth position on the list.

5. AB De Villiers

AB de Villiers is one of the greatest batsmen of all time. Not only as a batsman, but he also played a vital role as a wicket-keeper for his team. AB holds the world record for the fastest 50, 100, and 150 (individual scores) in ODIs. Being a wicket-keeper, he took 94 dismissals. AB is in the fifth position on the list.

4. John Waite

John Henry Bickford Waite was born on 19 January 1930. He played in 50 tests from 1951 to 1965. John took 141 dismissals as a wicket-keeper. He passed away on 22 June 2011. John was the first South African to play 50 tests for his country. Waite is in the fourth position on the list.

3. Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson was born in September 1959. He played in 42 tests and 122 ODIs from 1977 to 1998. As a batsman, Dave scored a century in his International career. He took 152 dismissals as a wicket-keeper. Dave was the CEO of the International Cricket Council. Richardson is in the third position on the list.

2. Quinton De Kock

Quinton de Kock is a left-handed wicket-keeper batsman of South Africa. He plays in all three formats. De Kock also plays for Mumbai Indians in IPL. He is the fastest South African player to reach 1000 ODI runs. Quinton is the fastest South African to make a half-century in T20I. He has taken 219 dismissals as a wicket-keeper. Quinton is in the second position on the list.

1. Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher was born on 3 December 1976. He played in all three formats of the game for South Africa. Mark is one of the best wicket-keeper batsmen of all time. The best thing is that he holds the world record for the most dismissals by a wicket-keeper in tests. Mark has taken 555 dismissals as a wicket-keeper. He is in the top position on the list.