West Indies cricket has changed a lot in the last twenty years. They are the first team to lift the world cup trophy in an inaugural world cup. However, the current  West Indies team does not have a strong core. But their history was something different. West Indies dominated cricket in the 70s and 80s. Their fast bowlers were the pillar of that team. Their ability to trouble batters with pace, bouncers and swing made them different from the rest of the teams. West Indies has transformed themselves into a T20 units now.

1. CA Walsh 

Walsh is a former legendary cricketer of the West Indies. He regarded as one of the greatest fast bowlers in cricket history. Walsh dominated batters with unplayable bouncer and pace. Many legendary batsmen termed him as the toughest bowler ever to face. Walsh is the leading wicket taker for the West Indies in test cricket. He took 519 wickets In 132 matches.

2. CEL Ambrose

Ambrose is a former West Indies cricketer. He was famous for his Partnership with Walsh in the bowling unit. Ambrose with his tall height troubled batters with a nasty bouncers. Ambrose is the second highest wicket-taker for the West Indies. He bagged 405 wickets and 98 red-ball cricket.

3. MD Marshall

Marshall is a former West Indies cricketer and current commentator in a cricket. He was a part of the golden era of the West Indies cricket. He has a phenomenal bowling average in test cricket. Marshall played 81 red-ball cricket and took 376 wickets.

4. LR Gibbs

Gibbs was a former West Indies cricketer. He is one of the exceptional spinners in cricket history. He had a phenomenal bowling economy. Gibbs took more than 300 wickets in the red-ball cricket. He played last test match against Australia in 1976.

5. J Garner

Garner is a former West Indies cricketer. He made international debut in 1977 and served his national team for ten years. He had an exceptional bowling record. He took 259 wickets in the red-ball cricket.

6. Michael Holding 

Holding is a former West Indies cricketer. He is currently working as a commentator. Many cricket fans love his voice. Holding has a phenomenal record in test cricket he played 60 test matches and took 249 wickets.

7. Garry Sobers 

Sobers is a former West Indies cricketer. He is regarded as one of the finest cricketers. He played cricket for twenty years. Sobers featured in 93 test matches and bagged a total of 235 wickets.

8. Kemar Roach 

Kemar Roach, currently is the best bowler of the West Indies. He has been part of the West Indies cricket from 2009. Roach with a good amount of pace carried the ability to trouble any batter. He has played 67 test matches and has taken 231 wickets so far.

9. AME Roberts

Roberts is a legendary bowler of the West Indies cricket. He one of the exceptional talents in cricket history. He took 7 wickets in an inning twice. He played 47 test matches, taking 202 wickets In those.

10. WW Hall

Hall is a former West Indies cricketer. Hall, with his tall height and flexible muscles, dominated batters in his era. He played 48 test matches for his national team and took 192 wickets in his red-ball cricket.