Some overs stand out for all the wrong reasons in the exciting environment of the IPL, where thrilling moments unfold with every delivery. This piece delves into the IPL's archives to reveal the most horrible and unfortunate overs in the competition's history. These overs give a clear image of how unpredictable T20 cricket can be, with bowlers facing sudden onslaughts and unbelievable power-hitting exhibitions. We explore the moments when bowlers became caught up in a web of unrelenting boundaries and towering sixes, creating an enduring impression on the recollections of IPL fans, as we relive the agony and exhilaration contained in every delivery.

1. Harshal Patel Vs CSK

In a sensational display of power-hitting, Ravindra Jadeja wreaked havoc by smashing 37 runs off the last over of CSK’s batting innings against RCB. The unfortunate bowler at the receiving end of Jadeja's onslaught was Harshal Patel, who, until then, had been one of the best death overs bowlers of the season. The 20th overturned into a nightmare for Patel as Jadeja went berserk, treating the fans to a breathtaking spectacle of boundaries and sixes.

2. Prashanth Parmeswaran Vs Kochi Tuskers Kerala

Chris Gayle went berserk in the third over of the innings and hit Parmeswaran for a whopping 37 runs. The first two balls were maximums, with the second being a no-ball. Gayle hit three fours and two more maximums in the remaining five balls. It remains the joint-highest runs scored in an over to date.

3. Daniel Sams Vs KKR

The over which saw four maximums, two fours, and a no-ball started with Cummins hitting a remarkable six over long-on, setting the stage for the dramatic turn of events in which Daniel Sams conceded 35 runs. Cummins continued with a four in the mid-wicket region, followed by two massive sixes that left the crowd in awe. The excitement escalated when Sams bowled a no-ball, allowing KKR to snatch two runs. With a flair for the dramatic, Cummins sealed the match in style by finishing with a four and a six off the last two balls.

4. Parwinder Awana Vs CSK

Raina wasted no time in taking on the bowlers from the get-go, with Parvinder Awana experiencing the full force of his aggression. In the sixth over, Raina unleashed two mighty sixes and five fours, making Awana's bowling a harrowing ordeal. The onslaught started as Awana conceded two more sixes and two fours, and to compound his troubles, he bowled a high full toss, paying a hefty price for the error. Raina's fearless hitting left Awana struggling, turning the over into a nightmare for the bowler.

5. Ravi Bopara Vs KKR

Tiwary took a single off the initial delivery from Ravi Bopara. Gayle then showcased his power, hammering four consecutive sixes, creating immense pressure on Bopara. Amid this onslaught, Bopara lost his line, delivering a wide that raced to the boundary. Adding to his struggles, another wide followed, prompting the batters to sneak in a bye. Fortunately for Bopara, Tiwary only secured a single off the final ball, concluding the over with 33 runs.

6. Rahul Sharma Vs PWI

Saurabh Tiwary secured a single from the opening delivery of the thirteenth over, delivered by Rahul Sharma, which probably saved it from going for six sixes. This signaled the start of a spectacular display as Chris Gayle attacked the leggie, dispatching him for sixes with each of the subsequent five deliveries. The left-hander's powerful hitting proved instrumental as RCB completed the exhilarating run-chase, reaching the required target on the final ball of the match!

7. Arjun Tendulkar Vs PBKS

Curran and Harpreet went after Arjun Tendulkar in the 16th over. Unfortunately for him, he couldn't escape the onslaught, giving away six boundaries in the over, which included four boundaries and two maximums. As a result, he conceded 31 runs, providing PBKS with the opportunity to aim for a total of 200 plus.

8. Ashok Dinda Vs MI

Pune had choked the runs for MI, only for Dinda to come and loosen the stronghold in the last over. He conceded 30 runs in the last over, going for three consecutive sixes off the first three balls. Pandya then smashed a four and a six off the successive two balls. Dinda bowled a wide which would have cost then heavily had the last ball not gone for just a bye.

9. Yash Dayal Vs KKR

In a match that etched the name of Rinku Singh in everyone’s minds, Yash Dayal had to bear the ugly side of it. Defending 29 runs in the last over, it was unlikely that KKR would win. With a single off the first ball, Singh came on strike and hit five consecutive sixes, taking 31 runs in the over and propelling KKR to a victory of the last ball.

10. Andrew Symonds Vs DD

Symonds came in to ball the 13th over with 31 runs needed to win. It would have taken at least three overs to finish the game, but Sehwag was in no mood to wait. He smashed three fours and three sixes in the over, leaving just one to get in the last over.