An emerging cricket star, Mujeeb Ur Rahman, has captured the eye of the sector level along with his extraordinary capabilities and courageous solutions. Mujeeb, an Afghan local, constructed a call for himself as a phenomenal spinner and confirmed adulthood well above his years. His deft versions and tactical knowledge, which he first displayed in his mid-young adults, have astounded each batter and critics. Mujeeb’s profession is in progress, promising an exciting bankruptcy in international cricket. From bamboozling opponents with his diffused off-spin to being a key aspect in Afghanistan’s bowling arsenal, Mujeeb’s route keeps developing.

1. 5/50 Against Zimbabwe

On February 16, 2018, Mujeeb Ur Rahman saw a turning point in his cricket profession in the 4th match of Zimbabwe’s tour of Afghanistan. Mujeeb confirmed super ability as his spin magic helped him to an incredible overall performance: he took 5 wickets, gave up only 50 runs, and had an extraordinary economy rate of 5. The Zimbabwean batters were in turmoil because of his mesmerizing manipulation of the ball and tactical versions. In addition to showcasing Mujeeb’s brilliant expertise, this terrific performance cemented his popularity as a dominant pressure in global cricket, helped Afghanistan win, and cemented his place in cricketing records.

2. 4/24 Against Ireland

On December 5, 2017, Mujeeb Ur Rahman gave a stunning performance throughout the 1st match of Ireland’s tour of Afghanistan. Mujeeb placed on a super bowling performance, taking 4 critical Irish wickets and most effectively giving up 24 runs despite miraculously bowling 2 first overs. His excellent economy rate of 2.40 verified his uncanny accuracy and potential to silence the competition. Mujeeb left Ireland needing help understanding his approach with a blend of devious variations and actual line-and-length bowling. This incredible accomplishment highlighted his development as a formidable bowling power and distinguished a critical victory for Afghanistan.

3. 4/32 Against Netherlands

On January 23, 2022, in the 2nd match of the Netherlands’ tour of Afghanistan, Mujeeb Ur Rahman’s talent at the cricket field once more came to the fore. His splendid bowling capabilities have been on show as he claimed four wickets towards the Dutch group, even as simplest permitting 32 runs and posting an impressive economy rate of 3.31. Mujeeb’s skill in using variations to trick batters while preserving the best line and length was on the whole show. His fantastic performance, now not the most effective, stopped the run glide; however, it also proved how vital he became to Afghanistan’s bowling attack, which significantly aided the crew’s accomplishments worldwide.

4. 4/43 Against West Indies

On March 25, 2018, at the ICC World Cup Qualifiers final, Mujeeb Ur Rahman repeatedly confirmed his prowess as a super bowler. He made an exquisite attempt when facing the West Indies, securing 4 essential wickets. Even though he gave up 43 runs, his economy rate of 4.37 tested how continually he should place strain on the competition. The tactical genius and foxy versions of Mujeeb have been on full display and crucial to Afghanistan’s achievement. His first-rate overall performance on an enormous level established his skills and cemented his fame as a rising superstar within the cricket industry.

5. 3/14 Against Ireland

Mujeeb Ur Rahman displayed a bowling masterclass on February 28, 2019, during the first match of Ireland’s visit to India, and it made a lasting impression. He bowled 3  maiden overs at the same time as brilliantly securing three critical wickets for Ireland while best permitting 14 runs to be scored. Mujeeb’s overall performance embodied management and accuracy with a significant economy rate 1.40. His uncanny knack for holding batters while dishing out clever versions became fully displayed. This top-notch performance appreciably contributed to Ireland’s limit. It tested Mujeeb’s capacity as a straightforward element in India’s bowling lineup, making him a first-rate participant on the international stage.

6. 3/26 Against Hong Kong

On March 8, 2018, Mujeeb Ur Rahman proved his bowling prowess towards Hong Kong in an essential shape within the 2017–18 ICC World Cup Qualifiers. He had an incredible impact, taking 3 wickets and giving up 26 runs. He also bowled a maiden over, demonstrating his mastery of length and line. Mujeeb could control and smash the competition’s batting order to his excellent economy rate 2.60. His tactical flexibility and accuracy demonstrated that he is a bowler who becomes a lot more professional than his age. This performance highlighted his crucial contribution to Afghanistan’s marketing campaign, demonstrating his capability to emerge as a future cricketing legend.

7. 3/33 Against West Indies

The 13th match of the 2017–18 ICC World Cup Qualifiers occurred on March 15, 2018, while Mujeeb Ur Rahman added a stellar attempt. When going through the mighty West Indies, Mujeeb’s bowling prowess stood out as he claimed three wickets even as only giving up 33 runs—how he brought a maiden over tested his command and reliability. Mujeeb’s ability to stifle The opposition’s batting changed into precise, as evidenced by his outstanding economy rate of 3.30. He became crucial to Afghanistan’s success because of his strategic flexibility and skills for innovation. This performance cemented his standing as a precious asset and a bright capability in the game of cricket.

8. 3/33 Against Pakistan

Mujeeb Ur Rahman once again showcased his bowling prowess in an exciting match on August 22, 2023, the 1st match in the Afghanistan vs. Pakistan series. Despite gambling in opposition to a solid Pakistani group, Mujeeb became capable of stable three key wickets while most effectively giving up 33 runs. He also efficaciously delivered a maiden, displaying his management and accuracy. Mujeeb could exert stress and continuously problem the batters to his exceptional economy rate 3.30. He contributed appreciably to Afghanistan’s efforts with his strategic modifications and eager sports experience. This performance verified his significance as a widespread player in the cricket world.

9. 3/39 Against Bangladesh

Mujeeb Ur Rahman proved his bowling prowess against Bangladesh in the exciting environment of the 31st game of the 2019 ICC Men’s Cricket World Cup. He confirmed his capability to assault at crucial moments by taking three vital wickets in this essential shape while giving up 39 runs most straightforwardly. Mujeeb’s expertise in exerting strain and bowling tight overs became evident as he stored his economy rate of 3.90. He hindered Bangladesh’s batting attempts with a mixture of cunning versions and tactical consciousness. His overall performance demonstrated his fee as an honest thing of Afghanistan’s bowling staff and underlined his importance in cricket.

10. 3/40 Against Bangladesh

On July 8, 2023, Mujeeb Ur Rahman again displayed his bowling brilliance in the interesting 2nd match of the Bangladesh vs. Afghanistan series. He led a brilliant effort towards Bangladesh, taking 3 key wickets and handiest giving up 40 runs. Mujeeb could place stress on the batters and constantly annoy them because of his 4.00 economy rate. He destabilized Bangladesh’s batting order with his expertly built variations and strategic insight. With this overall performance, he tested his price as a straightforward member of Afghanistan’s bowling group and his ability to influence the outcome of crucial fits.