T20 cricket elevates the unpredictable nature of the game of cricket to a whole new level. Anything can happen in this condensed version of the game, and it can change in a matter of delivery. The extras' role is one such erratic element. Extras are typically seen as a burden for the bowling team, although they can occasionally be essential to the batting team's performance. This post will examine eleven situations where extras finished a T20I innings with the highest score. These incidents highlight the value of every run in Twenty20 cricket and demonstrate how even the most minor mistakes may have a significant effect on the result of the match.

1. West Indies Vs South Africa, 2008

Several West Indian batters got starts, but none of them could convert them into big scores. South Africa conceded a lot of extras, which ended up being the top scorers for West Indies. Bravo, the captain, and the leading scorer for West Indies, scored five less than the extras, which amounted to 29 runs.

2. Ireland Vs West Indies, 2010

Chasing 139, Ireland fell victim to the West Indian bowling unit, with all their bowlers getting wickets. Only one batter, Gary Wilson, scored in double digits. The abysmal batting display meant that the extras conceded by West Indies ended up being the top-scorer for Ireland, without which they would have struggled to cross 50.

3. Canada Vs Scotland, 2012

Despite reaching a competitive total of 135, the top-scorer for Canada was the extras conceded by Scotland. A number of the Canadian batters got starts but failed to convert them into big scores. Consequently, the 23 extras was the highest score on the Canadian batting card, highlighting the failure of their batting lineup.

4. Papua New Guinea Vs Namibia, 2019

After a massive target of 198, seven batters from the Namibian batting unit scored under 20 runs, with the rest scoring ducks or in single digits. Chasing such a vast target meant that the Namibian batter had to go for big shots, resulting in them losing wickets despite getting starts. The 20 extras conceded by Papua New Guinea were the highest scorers.

5. Hong Kong Vs Pakistan, 2022

Having conceded 193 runs, Hong Kong needed an exceptional batting performance to get over the line. However, the Pakistani bowlers had other plans as they ran through the Hong Kong batting lineup, wrapping up their innings for a meager 38 runs. No batter scored in double digits, with the extras emerging as the highest score.

6. Mongolia Vs Nepal, 2023

Chasing the highest ever first innings score, Mongolia needed a miracle to get them over the line. Predictably, it did not happen as they produced a dismal batting performance, being bowled out for 41. Nepal conceded 23 extras, which was not only the top score for Mongolia but also five more than the score all Mongolian batters could dish out!

7. China Vs Thailand, 2023

Having lost the toss, China was put in to bat first. The Chinese batting order collapsed horribly, with six batters getting ducks. The remaining four scored single digit scores, and the top score on the card was that of extras with nine. Consequently, they were bowled out for a mere 26, and Thailand won the game comfortably.

8. Singapore Vs Malaysia, 2022

Choosing to bat first, Malaysia made most of their chances and scored a massive 207 runs from their 20 overs. In response, the Singapore batting never took off, as they kept losing wickets right from the start. Only two batters managed to score in double figures, and the top scorer was the extras conceded by Malaysia.

9. Turkey Vs Austria, 2019

Winning the toss and choosing to bat first was a decision that went wrong for Turkey. Their batters registered five ducks, four coming from the last four batters. The extras conceded by Austria, alongside the Turkish batter Mehmat Sert, were the top scorers. Austria chased the target of 33 in 16 balls.

10. Cayman Islands Vs Canada, 2023

Having elected to bat first, Canada made the most of the opportunity and put up a score of 196 from their 20 overs. Chasing such a vast target meant that Cayman Island had to maintain a healthy run rate right from the start. In the process of doing so, their batting collapsed, with six ducks and all scores being in single digits except for the extras.