ODI Cricket is considered as a hybrid of test match and T20. Because in ODIs, players have to play according to situations where they play steadily and attackingly in the match. Scoring more than 300+ runs in ODIs has always been a great achievement for any team. However, there have been some teams who have scored the most 300+ runs in ODI history.

1. India (135)

Team India is the most popular cricket team in the world. BCCI (Cricket Board of India) is the richest cricketing board in the world. Even BCCI contributes the most to ICC. But when it comes to performing, India has always performed outstandingly in every format. Especially in ODI Cricket, India holds the record of scoring the most 300+ runs. In 1996 against Pakistan, it was the first time when India scored 300+ score in ODI. From 1996 to now, India has 135 times achieved the milestone of scoring 300+ runs. Of those 135 matches, India won 105 matches, lost 27, and 3 games were tied.

2. Australia (120)

Undoubtedly, Australia is the best cricketing-playing nation in the world. Only their men’s cricket team has won 10 ICC trophies, which is the most by any other team. In ICC tournaments, Australia has always been the best team and never choked in any intense and crucial situation. In ODIs, Australia is the second team with the most 300+ scores. In their history of ODI cricket, they have scored more than 300 runs in 120 matches. Australia had a winning percentage 85 when they scored more than 300 in ODIs. Of those 120 times, Australia has won 102 matches, lost 17, and tied 1 match.

3. South Africa (97)

South Africa has always been known as the unluckiest cricket team in the world. From the 1992 to the 2015 World Cup, South Africa has always lost crucial matches because of their luck. Even in the 2023 World Cup, they choked against the Netherlands and lost the match. But there is no hesitation about them being a great team. In ODIs, there have been 97 matches where South Africa scored more than 300 runs. They also have a record of the highest chased target in ODI history. Out of these 97 matches, South Africa has an outstanding winning percentage of 90 as they won 88 matches, lost 8, and tied one game.

4. England (94)

After the disappointing 2015 World Cup, England changed their playing style. After that, England decided to attack from the very 1st ball of the match, and they did it well. After 2015, their record of scoring 300+ runs improved, taking them to the number 4 position on this list. England was the first team to score 300 runs in ODIs. Till now, England has 94 times scored more than 300+ runs in ODI cricket. In those 94 games, England has won 67 matches, lost 25, and tied two games.

5. Pakistan (93)

There was a time when the Pakistani team used to be one of the best teams in the world. No one can forget their epic triumph in the 1992 World Cup. Pakistan also has a legacy of producing the greatest fast bowlers in cricket history. Even their batting has always been fantastic as well. That’s why Pakistan comes in 5th in scoring the most 300+ runs in ODIs. In ODI cricket, Pakistan has scored more than 300 in 93 matches. Of those 93 matches, Pakistan won 75 and lost in 18 games.

6. Sri Lanka (84)

Like Pakistan, Sri Lanka used to be one of the strongest teams in the world. With players like Sangakkara, Jayawardene, and Muralitharan, Sri Lanka was the unbeatable team. Unfortunately, after their retirements, they never got a great player and suffered to win big matches and tournaments. But there is no doubt that Sri Lanka has been a great team, and their records prove the same. In ODIs, there are 84 matches where Sri Lanka scored more than 300+ runs. Of those 84 matches, Sri Lanka won 64, lost 19, and tied one game.

7. New Zealand (74)

Even though cricket viewers always consider New Zealand an underdog team, their records are the opposite. They are the most consistent team in big ICC tournaments. Most of the time, New Zealand has at least qualified for the knockout matches. In ODIs, they have remarkable records as well. After England, New Zealand was the team to score 300+ in ODI, which they scored against East Africa in 1975. In ODI cricket, New Zealand has 74 times scored more than 300+ runs in which they won 57, lost 17, and their two matches got tied.

8. West Indies (60)

During the ‘70s and ‘80s, West Indies was the world's greatest and most feared team. During that era, no one came close to their team. West Indies was an all-round package from Viv Richards to Michael Holding, with great batting and bowling power. But in today’s era, West Indies are not as strong as they used to be. However, in ODIs, there were 60 matches where they were able to put the score of more than 300 runs. Out of these 60 matches, West Indies won 36 matches, lost 22, and tied two games.

9. Zimbabwe (33)

Cricket can even grow more if small cricketing-playing nations like Zimbabwe start performing and giving equal competition to other teams. In some matches, Zimbabwe has beaten big teams like India and Pakistan. In the 1999 ODI World Cup, Zimbabwe sealed their biggest victory by beating India. In ODIs, there are many matches where Zimbabwe’s players have shown skill and scored huge runs. In their ODI history, Zimbabwe has scored 33 times and put the score of more than 300 runs. In those 33 matches, Zimbabwe won 26 matches and lost another seven matches.

10. Bangladesh (28)

Bangladesh has been one of the most unpredictable teams in the world. From 2007 to 2015, Bangladesh has always given some of the biggest upsets in World Cup history. Especially in ODIs, they have given many unpredictable results to cricket viewers. It has been 28 times when Bangladesh scored more than 300+ runs in ODIs. Out of those 28 matches, they won 22, lost 5, and 1 match got tied.