Cricket is a serious game; it tests your physical and mental strength to its maximum capacity. Players show their complete concentration and seriousness while playing the game, but sometimes, cricketers unleash their quirky nature, which leads to incidents that give us great laughs. After all, cricketers are also common people like us, and they also love to have moments that involve a little fun.  There have been many such episodes where we have seen cricketers involving something quirky, which led to everyone having a good laugh. Here are ten such funny incidents or anecdotes attached to our cricketers.

1. Shikhar Dhawan

'Gabbar', as he is called lovingly by his teammates and fans, has a very quirky nature. He loves to have moments with his friends and make a good laugh out of them. Once, he was driving in traffic when someone called him, who wanted to invite Shikhar as a chief guest for their new year function. Shikhar picked up the call and, in a hurry, agreed to the proposal without paying heed to the details. After some days, he got a mail with a ticket with his name and an invitation card. He called them to know what was happening, and they told him that he has to come to this event as a chief guest. Shikhar was clueless about this, and he had to drop his plans of spending New Year's eve with his friends and had to attend the event. It was an amusing incident as his friends, including Virat Kohli, were partying in a farmhouse, whereas Shikhar was in Mumbai on the stage, sitting as the chief guest of an event about which, he did not have any idea.

2. Virat Kohli

The Indian Skipper recalled when he met his idol, Sachin Tendulkar, for the first time in the Indian dressing room. He was very nervous when he was about to meet Sachin and just to have fun with him, some of the other players told him that: whenever a new player joins the team, he has to touch Sachin's feet. They completely brainwashed Virat, and then when he met his idol, he bent down for his feet, to which Sachin responded awkwardly as if what he was doing? Virat then told Sachin about those players and the talk they had with him, and Sachin consoled him by saying that they were just trying to have some fun with you.

3. Rohit Sharma

Apart from his impeccable timing on the field, Rohit is also known for his forgetfulness off the field. Rohit has had many such episodes where he forgot things such as passport, iPad, tablet, and other daily essentials. Once, he forgot his wedding ring in a hotel room. It was when he got newly married, and the Indian team went for a series. Rohit was not habitual of wearing a ring, and he used to remove it before going to bed. He woke up late on a travel day, and being in hurry, forgot to take his ring. When the team bus reached halfway, he remembered that he forgot his ring. He asked his teammate Harbhajan Singh to ask someone from the hotel to bring that ring. Luckily, he got his ring back,1 but his teammates had a good laugh out of him.

4. Dinesh Karthik

Dinesh Karthik had his moment during his debut series and with none other than Sourav Ganguly. He was not playing that game, and during the drinks break, he ran with the carrier as the team was in a hurdle. He couldn't stop himself at the right time and ran into Sourav, pushing him ahead. Sourav was furious with him and lashed out at Kartik for pushing him, which made an absurd scene on the field.

5. Wriddhiman Saha

Wriddhiman Prasanta Saha had this very epic moment on the field, which left the umpires in splits. In a test match against Australia, Steve Smith was on the crease when a ball got stuck between his two pads. Saha thought that the ball took an edge from Smith's bat and ran towards him to catch the ball; he fell over Smith and took the ball stuck between the pads, and started to appeal for caught out. The Umpires were in splits with this incident.

6. Yuvraj Singh

Yuvi is considered as one of the funniest players to have played the game. Rohit Sharma once recalled an incident when Yuvraj Singh ragged him when he was a newcomer. Rohit Sharma accidentally sat on Yuvraj's seat on the bus, and Yuvraj reacted very rudely to that. He forced Rohit to change his seat and didn't talk to him in the whole Ireland Tour. He interacted with him during the T20 World cup in 2007 after hitting six sixes, and he went to have dinner with him. He has also ragged the current Indian skipper.

7. Azhar Ali

Azhar Ali, Pakistan's one of the most decorated test batsman, once got out most bizarrely. He played the ball, which started to go towards the boundary; instead of running, he went to the non-striker to chat. The ball stopped a few inches before the boundary line, and the fielder collected and threw the ball to the keeper, and Azhar was Runout. It was one of the funniest dismissals that cricket has yet seen.

8. Tillakaratne Dilshan

The Sri Lankan opener and a part-time wicketkeeper had this extremely funny incident in a match against Bangladesh, when he celebrated a dismissal by throwing the ball high. Gravity did the job, and the ball landed on him, hitting on his head, leaving everyone in splits.

9. Inzamam-Ul-Haq

Inzamam-ul-Haq was one of the best batsmen Pakistan has given to the game. However, he had many funny incidents on the field. Once, he was trying to play a sweep shot on a delivery bowled by Monty Panesar against England when he lost his balance and fell over the stumps, getting out hit-wicket.

10. Tim Paine

Tim Paine is known for his banter and sledding batters. He had a few of them with Rishabh Pant during the 2018-19 Border Gavaskar Trophy. Paine was asking Pant from the back to babysit his kids while he went to a movie with his wife. Then Pant returned that banter when Paine came to bat by saying that he is a temporary captain. This banter became very famous, and later, after the series, Pant went for dinner at Paine's residence.