Many people aspire to play cricket for their respective countries, but only afew are fortunate enough to do so. Some are able to represent their countryafter years of hard work and perseverance, while others do it at a relativelyyounger age. Numerous cricketers have risen to unprecedented heights afteryears of determination, dedication, and discipline. The following article lists some of the oldest cricketers to play Test cricket for England.

1. James Southerton

James Southerton, a slow left-arm orthodox bowler from Sussex, is the first onthe list. Southerton is the oldest player to debut in Test cricket for any country.He did so at the age of only 49. The first Test match he played was againstAustralia in 1887 at Melbourne. He played only two Test matches for England and took seven wickets at an average of 15.28.

2. Rockley Wilson

Rockley Wilson was a right-arm slow bowler from Yorkshire and a handy right-handed batter. Wilson played his first and only Test match in 1921, against Australia in Sydney, at the age of 41 years and 337 days. He took 467 wickets in136 first-class games at an impressive average of 17.63. In the only Test he played, he took three wickets.

3. Sep Kinneir

Sep Kinneir is a former left-handed batter from Wiltshire. Kinneir scored15,641 runs in 312 first-class matches at an average of 32.72. In 1911, he played his first Test match against Australia in Sydney when he was 40 years

and 216 days old. However, this was the only Test match he played in his career.

4. Harry Lee

At number four, we have Harry Lee, a right-handed batter from London. Lee featured in 437 first-class matches before playing in his only Test match against South Africa in 1931. He was 40 years and 110 days old when he made his Test debut.

5. Arthur Wood

Arthur Wood is a former right-handed wicketkeeper batter from Bradford, Yorkshire. Wood started playing for England in Test matches in 1938 when he played his first match against Australia at The Oval. He was 39 years and 360days old when he made his debut. Until 1939, he played four Test matches for England.

6. Ewart Astill

Ewart Astill was a right-handed batter and a right-arm slow, medium bowler from Leicestershire. A still has over 22,000 first-class runs and 2000 wickets to his name. At 39 years and 298 days, he made his Test debut for England against South Africa in Johannesburg in 1927. He retired in 1930 after playing

nine Test matches for England.

7. Harry Makepeace

Next, we have Harry Makepeace, a right-handed batter from Middles brough,Yorkshire, and a first-class cricket veteran. Harry scored over 25,000 runs in499 first-class matches. He played in his first Test match in 1920, against Australia in Melbourne, when he was 39 years and 131 days old. In total, he played four Test matches for England.

8. Ted Bowley

Ted Bowley was a right-handed batter and a leg break bowler from Surrey.Bowley scored over 28,000 runs in first-class cricket and took 714 wickets in510 matches. He played his first Test match in 1929 against South Africa at

Leeds, when he was 39. In all, he played five Tests for England.

9. Edward Grace

Edward Grace was an all-rounder from Downend, Bristol. Grace was a first-class cricket veteran who scored over 10,000 runs in 314 first-class matches and took 314 wickets. He played only one Test match for England in 1880,

against Australia, at the age of 38 years and 283 days.

10. Charlie Parker

Charlie Parker was a left-arm slow orthodox bowler from Prest bury,Glouceste shire. Parker was a legend and one of the best spinners in First-Class cricket. He took 3278 wickets in 635 first-class matches. However, he played

only one Test match for England in 1921, when he was 38 years and 282 days old.