Afghanistan has carved out a niche in the exciting Twenty20 international cricket arena with spectacularly dangerous bowling displays. As the cricketing world witnesses dynamic progress on a smaller scale, Afghan bowlers carry on the rise to the occasion, which cannot be erased from the game. This article takes a fascinating journey through T20I history to celebrate Afghanistan's 10 greatest bowling matches and showcases the skill, determination, and sheer skill that made this match unforgettable.

1. Rashid Khan 5/3 Against Ireland

During the second T20 of Afghanistan's tour of India against Ireland in 2017, a spell was bowled in cricketing history for the ages. Spin maestro Rashid Khan defied belief and delivered a stunning performance with an economy of just three runs and a lone maiden, and he was excellent in just two overs. He stole five wickets. The stadium rejoiced as Rashid wove his magic, leaving the Irish batters bamboozled and the cricketing world in awe. This unmatched display of skill and accuracy showcased Rashid's mastery and added another chapter to his legend of the world of T20 cricket.

2. Karim Jamat 5/11 Against West Indies

Cricket fans were treated to an incredible spectacle on November 16, 2019, during India's riveting tour of the West Indies. Kareem left a lasting impression on the game from the public. He delivered a spellbinding performance with relentless accuracy, taking a fantastic five wickets in just four overs and allowing just 11 runs at an astounding economy rate of 2.75. He deservedly won the Man of the Match title from the public for his outstanding skill and composure. His mesmerizing bowling display enlivened the game and cemented the moment in T20 history.

3. Samiullah Shinwari 5/13 Against Kenya

A remarkable chapter in ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier history unfolded in the 56th match, where Afghanistan's Samiullah Shinwari etched his name in cricketing lore. His bowling genius against Kenya showcased his unwavering determination and skill. Shinwari's astounding performance took an impressive five wickets in just four overs, conceding just 13 runs at a remarkable economy rate of just 3.25, and the cricketing world watched in awe as his dexterity unfolded on the field, highlighting his ability to control the pace of the game. This extraordinary feat is a testament to Shinwari's prowess and remains unforgettable in T20 cricket.

4. Mujeeb Ur Rahman 5/20 Against Scotland

Mujib-ur-Rehman captivated the audience with a superb performance during a thrilling match in the ICC Men's Twenty20 World Cup on October 25, 2021. He produced a mesmerizing performance against Scotland for Afghanistan that had a lasting impact. Mujib's bowling expertise was evident in his outstanding five wickets, with 20 runs allowed and an economy rate of 5.00. He deservedly won the Man of the Match award for his fantastic ability to smother the opposition. This extraordinary performance highlights his significant contribution to Afghanistan's victory, which is unique in the tournament's history.

5. Rashid Khan 5/27 Against Ireland

Rashid Khan showcased his bowling prowess on February 24, 2019, in the thrilling third T20I. Cricket enthusiasts were in awe of Rashid's phenomenal performance while playing for Afghanistan. Surprisingly, he took five wickets in four overs, allowing just 27 runs and an economy rate of 6.75. He efficiently demolished the opposition batting line-up, displaying exceptional control of the dynamics of the game and command of spin

6. Rashid Khan 4/9 Against Scotland

Afghanistan's Rashid Khan created history with a superb bowling performance against Scotland in the 17th ICC Men's Twenty20 World Cup match. His delightful spin on that famous day brought four Scottish batters to their knees and allowed nine runs with an economy rate of just 3.85. Watching Rashid manage the game's pace and confuse the opposition batters continuously was fantastic. This outstanding performance as his top spinner also contributed significantly to Afghanistan's cricketing potential in the international arena, making it the most crucial event in the history of Twenty20 cricket

7. Mohammad Nabi 4/10 Against Ireland

Afghanistan's Mohammad Nabi played a masterclass in bowling prowess during a crucial game in the final of the Desert Twenty20 Challenge on January 20, 2017. At an outstanding economy rate of 4.28, he only the opposition's batting attack against Ireland. It smothered four crucial wickets in 2.2 overs. To succeed regularly, Nabi's cricketing prowess was on full display, and he expertly controlled the game's pace. Apart from showcasing Nabi's effectiveness as a bowler, this outstanding performance significantly helped Afghanistan win the tournament and cemented Nabi's place in T20 history

8. Noor Ahmed 4/10 Against Zimbabwe

A notable chapter in Afghanistan's third T20 tour of Zimbabwe came thanks to Noor Ahmed's outstanding performance on June 14, 2022. The young Afghan cricketer took four crucial wickets against Zimbabwe and ten runs at an astonishing economy rate of 2.5. Noor Ahmed's mesmerizing performance showcased his ability to challenge the batters and consistently manage the game's flow. This indelible contribution has highlighted his status as a rising star in Afghanistan cricket, leaving a lasting impact on the game and highlighting his bright future in Twenty20 cricket

9. Rashid Khan 4/12 Against Bangladesh

Rashid Khan created history against Bangladesh in the 2nd T20 on June 5, 2018, surprising Bangladesh with a mesmerizing display of bowling brilliance during Afghanistan's tour of India, taking four crucial wickets and scoring just 12 runs at 3 reasonable economy rates. This incredible feat showcased his unrivaled talent, and he made cricketing history by establishing himself as one of the top spinners in the T20 league.

10. Samiullah Shinwari 4/14 Against Canada

Afghanistan's Samiullah Shinwari performed scintillating against Canada in the 37th match of the ICC World Twenty20 Qualifier on March 18, 2012. He masterfully displayed flawless bowling and took four crucial wickets, allowing just 14 runs in four overs at the rate of 3.50 in a fantastic economy. It was impressive how well Shinwari managed the game's tempo and continued progressing. His excellent command of line length and talent for beating batters shone brightly that day. This outstanding performance highlighted his essential contribution to the history of Afghanistan cricket, which also impacted the T20 stage.