There will be no denial of the situation that affects the ball, which usually enhances the different level of tricks which was against the batsman, like throwing the swing, the seam of the ball, and varying upon the pace, perhaps according to the situation, one of the most efficient elements is purely based on speed. The Australian team has been produced with brilliant cricketers and strong-paced players over the decade and across the whole department.

1. Brett Lee 

Brett lee has been a well-known bowler from the Australian team, his career started in 1999, and eventually, he became an essential asset for setting up the ability of a consistent player who bowled over a speed of 150 kmph. He was excessively injured due to gaining more pace on the bowling speed but accordingly, he constantly alters the strategy with the grip and techniques.

2. Mitchell Starc 

He is considered as one of the most lethal and fastest bowlers that are currently the world is possessing, which Australia is having in a spearhead over the past few decades. He is also known for the incredible pace of fast bowling that held up with the accuracy of more than 140 kmph that maintain over more decent sheet for the joint level of the tournament for maintaining the handy lower order of the bowling which was more than 1000 runs, which was included in ten fifties.

3. Mitchell Johnson 

Mitchell Johnson is considered as one of the finest pacers that were during the period of late 20s and ending up as early of 2010 as he was always a bowler that has an opponent of the batter who vary the Australian player. In 2010 Johnson became one of the quickest bowlers who completed 150 test wickets within the term tenure of 2 years and 139 days.

4. Jeff Thomson 

He is considered as one of the most feared bowlers which had in the history of the sport that did not connect with all the best-started players but though he made his position by all the skills and capacity which he was possessing. Thomson was also noted for the characteristic of having an incredible pace over the comprehensive prospectus of bowling.

5. Shaun Tait 

Tait has been bowled for the Australian team according to the sporadic religion that was between the year tenure of 2006-2016, and was rewarded for the fastest delivery of the bowl at Lords in the year 2010. Tait was highly recommended for the coveted players within the franchise of playing cricket for IPL and all the international level matches.

6. Glenn McGrath 

Probably set up in the top list of the most significant and all-time favorite fastest bowler, as he was the most significant domination of the mid-90s and mid-20s that have the highest wicket shooting pacer in the test hauls. One of the most outstanding records was eight-wicket by giving only 24 runs which were achieved against Pakistan.

7. Ray Lindwall 

Lindwall is considered the brilliant ashes player that can be picked up over the year by taking a standard of 26 wickets within the average of 18.84 that can be pretty handy for the middle order that has the most significant number of pacers during the mid-nineteen centuries. Lindwall was settled for the essentials of the entity for the Australian side, which has a formal partnership that was difficult for playing the most refined game.

8. Dennis Lillee

He has been labeled as one of the greatest pacers that can be graced upon the cricket pitch; his career was challenging to start as his slogan of never say die to the attitude, which he consists brought him to the door of the cricket which embedded the fear over all the players during 70s and early 90s.

9. Craig McDermott 

Dennis and Craig were the two most dangerous bowlers in the 80s that made his pace on the Australian team by enshrining the skills of outswing that figured around taking eight wickets by giving 97 runs against the England team in the year 1991 which uphold the average of 24.71 rates and eventually he was included in the most demanding player of all time.

10. Jason Gillespie 

He is s regular Australian player of the era which was labeled for the most potent bowling terminology that been settled depicted of the presence of the great players like Warne, Lee, McGrath, and many more for making the name within the list of the fastest bowlers.