There are many dark secrets behind the glittering lives of cricketers. Cricket is a popular sport in many countries, and the players receive a lot of respect, fame, and name. But sometimes, they try to take undue advantage of their popularity, leading them to be trapped in unwanted situations. There have been many instances when cricketers were found involved in controversies, some being very serious and creating a lot of trouble and chaos in their lives. Sometimes, they had to pay by getting themselves arrested for some or other offenses. We are back with the list of ten cricketers charged for serious crimes and were jailed. We do not generally expect such acts from them, but there are many such cases to know about.

1. Vinod Kambli

Former Indian cricketer who used to open with Sachin for India was once booked along with his wife in August 2015. The complaint against them was registered by their maid for being assaulted and tortured when she demanded her salary. Although, he completely denied the claims made against him.

2. Makhaya Ntini

Makhaya Ntini, the South African cricketer, was arrested for sexual abuse controversy in 1998. However, he saved himself from the allegations and the consequent six years of punishment. He was in jail for few days. He had a commendable career, and he even featured in IPL from Chennai Super Kings.

3. Shane Warne

Shane Warne was very famous for his on and off-the-field actions. Warne’s career was about halt when he was alleged of sending obscene text messages to a woman. He was even captured, kissing a playboy. Nevertheless, his life has been adventurous.

4. Navjot Singh Sidhu

We all are well aware of Navjot Singh Sidhu’s cricket career and his political controversies. Sidhu and his assistance once killed a man in a road rage in 1988. He was accused of beating, Gurman Singh, to death. He could have been sent to jail for ten years. He had to leave a famous comedy show due to another controversy.

5. Luke Pomersbach

The former Australian cricketer was accused of molesting a woman and beating her boyfriend. This incident made him suspended from the rest of the matches of IPL 2012. He has played for Kings XI Punjab and Royal Challenger’s Bangalore.

6. Wasim Akram

In 1993, Wasim Akram was arrested with three others for owning illegal drugs. The police thought it was Marijuana. But nothing was proved against them, and witnesses turned out to be in their favour.

7. Mohammed Asif

The Pakistani cricketer, Mohammed Asif was arrested for carrying illegal drugs in Dubai airport when he was returning from IPL tenure. He was detained for 19 days and claimed he did not know about this. He confessed that he was consuming it for energy as prescribed by a local. Reposts say he was carrying Opium.

8. Ben Stokes

The all-rounder English cricketer was behind bars after his night out. He was not released early due to a court holiday. A video clip clearly shows he punched a guy, which according to him, to save a gay couple.

9. Amit Mishra

An assault complaint was lodged against him by one of his female friends. According to her, he threw a bottle on her. He was jailed but released within few hours of his arrest.

10. Sreesanth

The former Indian cricketer, Sreesanth was one of the best swing bowlers. He was arrested for spot-fixing and turned into a lawbreaker. He was jailed with some others for interrogation. They were charged and released with a lifetime ban from cricket.