Wicket-keeping is one of the most significant positions in cricket. It is undeniably a crucial position that can influence the outcome of any game. India has a plethora of wicket-keepers who have excelled much beyond their role as a stopper on numerous occasions. Unfortunately, wicket-keeping is the most underappreciated skill in the sport. Keepers, like batters and bowlers, must respond to the circumstances. They can't be short of talents when speaking about keeping spinners on the subcontinent's rough and bouncy tracks. India has a lengthy history of wicket-keepers who have wowed audiences worldwide with their abilities. Here we look at the top ten wicket-keepers who have played for India at the highest level.

1. MS Dhoni

Not only is Mahendra Singh Dhoni India's most successful captain, but he is also one of the best wicket-keepers in the world. The former Indian captain shattered numerous records throughout his international career. He is the sole wicket-keeper with 100 stumpings or more in One-Day Internationals (ODIs), and it is unbroken so far. Dhoni leads the list of wicket-keepers with the most stumpings in the 50-over format, with 123 stumpings. He has had over 700 dismissals and almost 15,000 runs to his name in his long and fruitful career.

2. Syed Kirmani

Syed Kirmani was the best wicket-keeper India had ever had before MS Dhoni destroyed most of the records for the Indian side, keeping up with the Indian spin quartet. According to the legend, he didn't let a bye-pass in three consecutive tests, which is possibly the best testament to his wicket-keeping abilities. He has almost 200 ejections and nearly 3,000 runs to his credit at the international level.

3. Kiran More

His tiny physique allowed him to stay low until late in the game; his quick reflexes allowed him to gather even the most rather difficult of edges, and his electric glovework made him one of the best stumpers in cricket history.

4. Nayan Mongia

Nayan Mongia was strongly considered the best wicket-keeper in the world during his prime. Since he took over the baton from Kiran More, Mongia made an impression behind the stumps. On his first foreign tour, he drew the notice of the renowned Alan Knott, earning him high accolades from the English icon - something that would make any wicket-keeper pleased. For nearly a decade, Mongia was the backbone of the Indian team in both formats of the game. In every way, he was a natural keeper, keeping well to both spin and pace and making Anil Kumble bowl easy. At the highest level, he has almost 250 dismissals to his credit and over 2,500 Test and ODI runs.

5. Wriddhiman Saha

Wriddhiman Saha eventually emerged from the shadows when MS Dhoni resigned from Test cricket, seizing his chance to become India's first-choice wicket-keeper. With a D/I of 1.512, Saha has removed 121 players behind the stumps in 47 games. Saha has the second-best dismissals per innings ratio among the ten players on the list. Even though Saha has only played 9 ODIs, he has the best D/I ratio amongst the keepers.

6. Farokh Engineer

Farokh Engineer was a substantial Indian wicket-keeper. Farokh had 86 batsmen dismissed behind the wickets in 51 games, including 69 catches and 17 stumpings. Farokh has the lowest dismissals per innings ratio of anyone on this list. Despite playing for 15 years, he could only participate in 51 international matches.

7. Rishabh Pant

Rishabh Pant is India's most explosive batsman and a rising international star. Pant debuted against England after a string of important performances in the Indian Premier League. Pant had 100 wickets for India in 52 games. With his 11 dismissals in a match, he holds the record for most dismissals in a match.

8. Parthiv Patel

At 17, Parthiv Patel became India's youngest wicket-keeper in a match against England in 2002. The Gujrat-born player has dismissed the opponents 111 times in 63 games, 72 times in Tests, and 39 times in ODIs. His 1.534 dismissals per innings ratio is the highest amongst the top ten wicket-keepers.

9. Dinesh Karthik 

Dinesh Karthik is the most conventional wicket-keeper amongst the current crop, keeping his fingers low to the ground. Karthik dismissed 107 players behind the wickets in 54 matches as a wicket-keeper, with dismissals per innings ratio of 1.528.

10. Rahul Dravid

The most unexpected of all the entries! Dravid, known for his 1st-slip catches, initially donned the gloves in 1999. To accommodate an extra bowler in the side, Dravid served as a substitute wicket-keeper. Dravid dismissed 84 players in 73 matches, with 71 catches and 13 stumpings. Dravid spent nearly four years as India's wicket-keeper. On the list of most ODI dismissals, he is the fourth.