Test cricket is a format of cricket in which the game is played in five days. A test match is an excellent opportunity for a batter to score a high individual score, as they have a lot of time to play. Pakistan has played a lot of test matches and also has been a great team since its debut. Pakistan batters have also made many records internationally and for the nation. In this article, we will look at the top 10 batters with the highest individual score for Pakistan in test matches.

1. Taufeeq Umar – 236

Taufeeq Umar was a front-foot player who played drives well. Taufeeq also score a hundred on his debut for Pakistan, and became the eighth player to do so. Umar scored 236 runs in 496 balls against Sri Lanka in 2011. He smashed 17 fours and one six in this inning.

2. Saleem Malik – 237

Saleem Mailk was a blend of many things: a gifted, wristly, square of the wicket, and an influential captain for Pakistan. Saleem scored more than 5000 runs in test career. Saleem’s highest score in test cricket is 237 runs, against Australia in 1994. He smashed 34 fours in this game.

3. Shoaib Malik – 245

Shoaib Malik was one of the best all-rounders that ever played in the Pakistan jersey. Shoaib played the role of batter and bowler perfectly. Malik’s highest score in test cricket is 245 runs in 420 balls which he score against England in 2015. Shoaib scored 28 boundaries in this match.

4. Wasim Akram – 257

Wasim Akram was a master of swing and seam, and that came at a quick pace. Although he is a bowler, Wasim makes his way into this list. His highest score in test cricket was 257 runs in 363 balls against Zimbabwe in 1996. Wasim smashed 34 boundaries in this match.

5. Zaheer Abbas – 274

Zaheer Abbas was a stylish and elegant batter. Zaheer had lyrical and fluent movement, and his innings were memorable for a refined and effortless beauty. Zaheer’s highest score in test cricket is 273 runs in 467 balls against England in 1971. Zaheer scored 38 fours in this match.

6. Javed Miandad – 280

Javed Miandad is the greatest batsman Pakistan has ever produced. Miandad possessed beautiful square cut and he was a fine early reverse sweeper. Miandad’s highest score in the test cricket is 280 runs in 460 balls that he scored against India in 1983. Miandad smashed 20 boundaries in this match.

7. Azhar Ali – 302

Azhar Ali is one of the finest batters for Pakistan in his era. Ali had compact technique and large reserve of patience. Ali has over 7000 runs in test cricket. His highest score in test cricket is 302 runs in 469 balls, which he scored against West Indies in 2016.

8. Younis Khan – 313

Younis Khan is one of the best batters of the Pakistan cricket team. Younis had an average of 50 in the test. Younis scored more than 10,000 runs in the test cricket. His highest score in test cricket is 313 runs in 568 balls against Sri Lanka in 2009.

9. Inzamam-ul-Haq – 329

Inzamam-ul-Haq was a blend of strength and sublimity. Inzamam played shots all around the wicket. Inzamam was also a fantastic batter against pace. Inzamam scored 329 runs against New Zealand in 2002. Inzamam smashed 47 boundaries in this inning.

10. Hanif Mohammed – 337

Hanif Mohammed was among the most essential cricketers of all time for the Pakistan team. Hanif played 55 test matches in 17 years. Hanif was considered one of the best batters in the world despite playing at a time when Pakistan played very little test cricket. Hanif scored 337 runs against West Indies in 1958, still the highest individual score by any Pakistani batter.