Kumar Sangakkara, a legendary Sri Lankan cricketer, etched his name inside the annals of cricket records with a splendid worldwide career. Sangakkara, a stylish left-surpassed batsman and agile wicketkeeper, turned into an image of consistency and class. During his illustrious tenure from 2000 to 2015, he accrued over 28,000 runs in Test and One Day International (ODI) cricket, displaying an array of stylish strokes and impeccable methods. He becomes no longer just a prolific run-scorer but additionally a visionary leader, captaining the Sri Lankan group with a difference. Sangakkara's cricketing prowess and sportsmanship left an indelible mark on the game, earning him admiration and appreciation internationally.

1. 169 Against South Africa

On July 20, 2013, in a thrilling come-up between Sri Lanka and South Africa, Kumar Sangakkara showcased his batting brilliance by scoring a scintillating 169 runs. Facing 137 balls, he dealt with the target market to a masterclass in stroke play, hitting 18 fours and launching 6 sixes. What made this innings sincerely extraordinary was his marvelous strike rate of 123.36, demonstrating both his impeccable timing and aggressive intent. Sangakkara's performance that day changed into a testament to his ability to dominate the competition while keeping the beauty that defined his batting style. It became an innings that left cricket fans in awe and solidified his fame as one of the game's all-time greats.

2. 138* Against India

On October 31, 2005, in an essential clash between India and Sri Lanka, Kumar Sangakkara crafted a memorable innings with an unbeaten 138 runs. Facing 147 deliveries, he exhibited first-rate composure and ability, hitting thirteen fours and dispatching 2 balls for sixes. What set this innings aside was the sheer variety of runs and his capability to anchor the innings with a strike rate of 93.88. That day, Sangakkara's masterful batting performance verified his capacity to conform to the state of affairs while retaining excessive consistency and finesse. It was a testament to his reputation as one of Sri Lanka's cricketing treasures.

3. 134* Against England

In the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy match against England on June 13, 2013, Kumar Sangakkara brought a batting masterclass that awakened cricket enthusiasts. His unbeaten score of 134, not out, was a testament to his immense talent and composure underneath stress. Sangakkara faced one hundred thirty-five deliveries, meticulously crafting his innings with 12 incredible fours. What made this overall performance even greater special changed his ability to preserve a commendable strike rate of 99.26, balancing a constant accumulation of runs with well-timed aggression. It became a show of beauty, manipulation, and adaptableness, highlighting Sangakkara's prowess as one of Sri Lanka's cricketing legends.

4. 133 Against India

On July 21, 2012, in a fiercely contested match between Sri Lanka and India, Kumar Sangakkara's elegant batting came to the vanguard as he scored a memorable 133 runs. Facing 151 deliveries, Sangakkara's innings became marked by its grace and elegance, punctuated by 12 superbly timed fours. What set this innings aside became not just the range of runs but his capability to keep a balanced method, evident in his strike rate of 88.08. Sangakkara's innings showcased his excellent capacity to anchor the innings, counter the Indian bowling attack, and show off his mastery of the artwork of batting, making it a memorable chapter in his illustrious career.

5. 128 Against India

In the Commonwealth Bank Series match opposing India on February 19, 2008, Kumar Sangakkara showcased his batting prowess with a stunning innings of 128 runs. He confronted one hundred fifty-five deliveries with impeccable precision, gracefully maneuvering the ball to the boundary on 12 occasions. What made this innings tremendous changed Sangakkara's potential to maintain the innings together while preserving a balanced strike rate of 82.58. His patient but powerful method now annoyed the competition's bowlers and ensured that Sri Lanka posted an aggressive overall. Sangakkara's innings become a testament to his skill, temperament, and ability to evolve to the demands of international cricket.

6. 128 Against Bangladesh

In the second match of the 2013-2014 Bangladesh v Sri Lanka collection on February 20, 2014, Kumar Sangakkara delivered a batting spectacle to remember, amassing a commanding 128 runs. His innings, built over a hundred and fifteen deliveries, changed into a testimony to his magnificence and timing, finding the boundary ropes 14 instances with superb strokes. What truly stood out became Sangakkara's potential to keep an outstanding strike rate of 111.30, showcasing his aggression and finesse. His performance, now not the most effective, anchored the Sri Lankan innings but also pondered his adaptability to various fit situations. It was another shining bankruptcy inside the illustrious profession of one of cricket's modern-day maestros.

7. 124 Against Scotland

During the 2014-2015 ICC World Cup, Kumar Sangakkara left an indelible mark with a blistering innings of 124 runs in opposition to Scotland on March 11, 2015. Sangakkara confronted ninety-five deliveries in a display of pure cricketing mastery but found the boundary ropes thirteen times with impeccable timing and site. What set this inning apart changed into his competitive motive, as he dispatched the ball for sixes on four occasions while maintaining a top-notch strike rate of 113.53. Sangakkara's overall performance that day testified to his potential to conform to the needs of constrained-overs cricket, showcasing his brilliance at the grandest stage of global cricket.

8. 121 Against Bangladesh

On June 30, 2008, in the ninth match of the 2007-2008 Asia Cup in opposition to Bangladesh, Kumar Sangakkara exhibited his remarkable batting abilities by amassing a spectacular 121 runs. Playing with first-rate finesse, he confronted 128 deliveries, placing the ball crisply to the boundary ropes on 16 activities. What made this innings stand out was the range of limitations and Sangakkara's potential to maintain a composed strike rate of 94.53, demonstrating his astute, healthy focus and the significance of anchoring the innings. His performance was pivotal in securing victory for Sri Lanka and underscored his reputation as one of the cricketing world's actual gemstones.

9. 117* Against England

In the twenty-second match of the 2014-2015 ICC World Cup, Kumar Sangakkara orchestrated a masterful innings, closing unbeaten at 117 in opposition to England on March 1, 2015. His overall performance could have been more quick and unique, as he dominated the opponent with eleven obstacles and towering sixes. What was prominent in this innings was Sangakkara's capacity to attain a blazing strike rate of 136.05 while dealing with 86 deliveries, blending excellent stroke play with controlled aggression. This notable display of ability and composure not only guided Sri Lanka to victory but also showcased Sangakkara's enduring magnificence and flexibility within the high-strain surroundings of a World Cup tournament.

10. 113* Against New Zealand

In the 7th match of the 2014-2015 New Zealand-Sri Lanka series, played on January 28, 2015, Kumar Sangakkara showcased his batting prowess by scoring an unbeaten 113 against New Zealand. Facing 105 balls, he displayed a flawless mix of its beautiful and powerful; the 14 balls sent it to the boundary with four beautifully made. The highlight of this inning was Sangakkara's ability to maintain a brisk strike rate of 107.62, which highlighted his flexibility and ability to play at the game's pace.