The Indian Premier League is the most popular and charismatic cricket League globally. The tournament set a trend that other cricket-playing nations followed and introduced their league. However, not a single Franchise cricket has matched the level of IPL yet. IPL is the richest cricket league. It pays players in millions the amount they earn in ten years of an international career. IPL 2022 is looking to modify and update the form of the IPL. Two teams and many rules are will be added to this edition. The BCCI is expecting the IPL to break all records this time.

1. Two New Teams

IPL 2022 is going to be more thrilling and entertaining. The reason behind this statement is the addition of two new franchises. The Lucknow Supergiants and The Gujarat Titans are going to make their IPL debut. Both teams are looking solid on paper. Fans are super excited to watch new teams in the IPL after a long time.

2. More Number Of Matches

After the addition of two new teams. The number of matches will certainly increase in this edition. This year's IPL is going to happen for two long months. Each and every match of IPL breaks records. Fans will get to enjoy more matches this season.

3. New Rules

IPL 2022 Group stage matches are going to happen just like in 2011. The addition of two new teams has forced management to change the structure. Two groups are going to make it this season. Each group will carry five teams. Fans might like this new structure of the IPL.

4. More Viewers

IPL breaks the viewership records by each season passes. This tournament has managed to gain a huge number of fans in a very short time. The number of matches is going to add huge viewership to this edition. The Majority of IPL matches are finished in nail-biting contests. It helps IPL to gain more viewers.

5. More Double Header

IPL doubleheaders happen on Saturday and Sunday. However, as the number of matches has been increased, Doubleheaders will happen on rest days as well. This will be double joy for fans to watch two matches more often.

6. Fresh Squads Of Each Team

The IPL Mega auction happens every three years. This year's mega auction takes place in February. All Teams are looking fresh after buying the majority of players from the auction. Fans are excited to watch former franchise players play for new teams.

7. New Captains

Captaincy matters a lot in T20 cricket. IPL has seen many legendary captains in 14 editions. In This year's IPL many teams are going to play with new captains. Banglore, Chennai and Kolkata have appointed new leaders for this season. Fans are eager to see how these players will lead their teams this year.

8. Fans Are Allowed

The covid pandemic has changed everything. This pandemic has affected sports tournaments also. Fans were not allowed in the last two IPL seasons. However, this year the pandemic is looking in control and the government has decided to allow fans in the stadium. Fans In the stadium double the joy of IPL matches.

9. Competitive Squad

This year's Mega auction has changed the face of every team. Only four players were allowed to be retained before the auction. Remaining players go into the auction pool. Teams have picked players from the pool. Almost every team is looking strong on paper. This IPL is going to be more competitive.

10. Streaming In More Parts Of The World

IPL is a worldwide following league. Indians are available in every parts of the World. They love cricket. The BCCI has decided to increase the streaming of IPL in more countries.IPL streaming in more part of the world means more number of viewers.