Undoubtedly, the IPL is the biggest cricket league in the world. IPL is one of the significant sources of income for BCCI and all players. That's why every player dreams of playing in IPL. By performing well in IPL, the chances of getting selected for team India also increase. In the 16 seasons of IPL, we have seen many fastest half-centuries and centuries. But some centuries are relatively slower. So, here's a list of the top ten slowest centuries in the IPL.

1. Manish Pandey (67 Balls)

Manish Pandey is a current right-handed batsman from India. 2009, he became the first Indian to score a century in IPL. But this century by Manish Pandey is also the slowest century by any batsman in the IPL, as he completed his century in 67 balls. In a 56th match between RCB and Deccan Chargers, RCB won the toss and chose to bat first. In this match, Manish Pandey played an innings of 114 off 73 balls, in which he hit ten fours and four sixes. With the help of Manish Pandey's innings, RCB won the match by 12 runs.

2. Sachin Tendulkar (66 Balls)

Sachin Tendulkar is one of the most talented and best batsmen in the cricket world. Even though Sachin Tendulkar played only 78 IPL matches, he also scored a century. Kochi chose to bowl first in a match against Kochi Tuskers in 2011. From Mumbai Indians, Sachin Tendulkar scored 100 runs in 666 balls with the help of 12 fours and three sixes. In this innings, he played 66 balls to score the second-slowest IPL century. Despite Sachin's century, Kochi Tuskers won the match by eight wickets.

3. David Warner (66 Balls)

In the IPL 2009, David Warner was purchased by Delhi Daredevils. At that time, Warner was known as a pocket-sized dynamo as he used to bat aggressively. In his first IPL season, he scored a century. In a match against Kolkata, Delhi decided to bat first. With the help of 9 fours and five sixes, David Warner scored 107 off 69 balls at a strike rate of 155. Even though he had an excellent strike rate, this is relatively one of the slowest centuries on the IPL. In this match, David Warner completed his century on the 66th ball.

4. KL Rahul (64 Balls)

KL Rahul is one of modern-day cricket's best and most versatile batsmen. He can bat in any position, which helps his team arrange the batting order. In IPL, KL Rahul has always been consistent, and he has already scored four centuries in IPL. His first IPL century came for Punjab in a match against Mumbai in IPL 2019. In this match, KL Rahul completed his century in 64 balls, the fourth slowest century in IPL history. His century did not benefit the team, as Pollard overshadowed him and won the match for Mumbai Indians.

5. Kevin Pietersen (64 Balls)

Kevin Pietersen was one of the first batsmen who started playing different shots like switch hit and reverse sweeps. In today's cricket, every batter plays these types of shots in T20 Cricket. In IPL 2012, Kevin Pietersen scored a century in 64 balls. This match was played between Delhi and Deccan Chargers, where Deccan Chargers set a target of 158 runs. After losing wickets at regular intervals, Kevin Pietersen stayed on the crease and scored 103 off 64 balls. Because of Pietersen's century, Delhi Daredevils won the match by five wickets.

6. Virat Kohli (63 Balls)

Virat Kohli's century in 63 balls is the slowest IPL century he has scored. In the history of IPL, he has scored the most centuries. His first IPL century came in 2016 when RCB was playing against the Gujarat Lions. RCB decided to bat first in this match, and Virat Kohli scored 100 off 63 balls. In his innings of 100 runs, he smashed 11 fours and a six. Although it was the maiden IPL century for Virat Kohli, it was also one of the slowest in IPL history. After this century, he scored three more centuries in the 2016 IPL season.

7. Ambati Rayudu (62 Balls)

Ambati Rayudu is one of the most underrated batsmen in the IPL. In 204 IPL matches, he scored 4,348 runs with a strike rate of 128. IPL 2018 was the comeback for CSK as they won the IPL after the two-year ban, and Ambati Rayudu was the central part of that team, but in a match against SRH in 2018, he scored one of the slowest centuries in the IPL. Ambati Rayudu scored 1000 runs in 62 balls in this match, hitting seven fours and seven sixes. As a result, CSK easily won the match by eight wickets.

8. Sanju Samson (62 Balls)

Sanju Samson is among the unluckiest players, as, despite his outstanding performances, he never gets selected for any big series in India. In IPL 2017, when Sanju Samson used to play for Delhi, he scored one of the slowest tons in the IPL. In a match against Pune Supergiants in 2017. Sanju Samson scored 102 off 63 balls, smashing eight fours and five sixes. By Samson's century, Delhi set a target of 206 runs, which Pune supergiantsSupergiant could not chase. As a result, Delhi won the match by a massive margin of 97 runs.

9. Ben Stokes (61 Balls)

Ben Stokes is one of the finest all-rounders who is famous for his ability to win any impossible match. He also did the same in 2017 against Gujarat Lions. At that time, Ben Stokes used to play for Pune Supergiants. In this match, Pune was chasing a target of 162 runs, and even after losing four wickets at 42 runs, Ben Stokes did not give up. Ben Stokes built a partnership with Dhoni and scored 103 off 63 balls. As a result, Pune won the match, and Ben Stokes got man of the match.

10. Lendl Simmons (61 Balls) 

Lendl Simmons is a former aggressive right-handed batsman from West Indies. Especially in T20 Cricket, he has won many big matches for West Indies. Even in IPL, Lendl Simmons proved himself by playing some match-winning knocks. In a match between Mumbai and Punjab in IPL 2014, Punjab set a target of 157 runs for Mumbai. But by Lendl Simmon's excellent 100 off 61 balls, Mumbai Indian won the match by seven wickets. Even though this century came at a relatively low strike rate, Simmons managed to win the match for his team.