Little do we care that stardom, fame, and many fake smiles could be hiding many secrets. Nobody can ever understand the might and designs of nature. There are many rags-to-riches stories, but we have never cared about the riches-to-rags. To your surprise, such stories do exist. The world of cricket is generally associated with fame, name, and a lot of money. But we do not realize that these are just a handful of people consistently achieving everything. There have been many such examples. It isn’t easy to believe that the lives of cricketers could take some sharp turns. Look at the list of ten cricketers who went bankrupt after retiring from cricket.

1. Graeme Pollock

Graeme was a heroic batsman who played for South Africa. Unfortunately, his sporting career was not so lucky for him. He faced a financial crisis and suffered considerable losses in his brokerage business. As if this was not sufficient, he was diagnosed with cancer. He even suffered a heart attack.

2. Paul Strang

He was notable for his googlies and played for Zimbabwe. Sadly, political turbulence affected his career in cricket. He was sorrowful already, but he dropped a bombshell of financial losses. All this turmoil forced him to attempt suicide. Currently, he is teaching the value of youth to the world.

3. Matthew Sinclair

We will always put his name to the batsman who scored a double century in cricket. However, the situation demanded he quit cricket. He hunted for some jobs but could not make it due to his few qualifications in education. He turned into a salesman to provide bread and butter to his family.

4. Chris Cairns

He was a great all-rounder of his time, and his gigantic sixes were his signature. After retiring, he sued Lalit Modi and made money. In 2013, he faced allegations of match-fixing. Legal actions were adding insult to injuries. Ultimately, he had to clean bus shelters.

5. Adam John Hollioake

He was an English cricketer. Post-retirement, he shifted to Australia to run his family business. At some point, he could not handle the recession and lacked financial stability. Later, he started teaching martial arts to make ends meet.

6. Dattaram Hindlekar

He played for India as a wicketkeeper. In 1936, he suffered a finger injury, which did not permit him to play further. He worked for a mere Rs 800 per job. At 40, he left us, leaving his wife and seven children behind.

7. Arshad Khan

Arshad featured in nine tests and numerous ODIs for Pakistan. After leaving cricket, he had to wrestle for his finances. Understanding the situation’s urgency, he chose to drive a taxi to feed his family.

8. Tony Lock

The English bowler served as a coach in Australia after leaving cricket. Two sexual abuse cases against him could not harm him except his financial stability. His life could not handle the stress, and he passed away. He died from cancer at 65.

9. Janardhan Navle

Janardhan played for India as a wicketkeeper. There are two descriptions of his final days- unfortunately, none led to a happy ending. One states that he ended up begging on Mumbai Pune highway, while the other claims he was a watchman.

10. Wally Hammond

A thrifty Hammond did not know that a harsh life with arms wide open was all set to hug him. He gravitated to South Africa with his wife and tried his luck on business, but nothing worked out. He tried everything from motor company to coaching, but it seemed as if everything added insult to injury. He died in 1965