The Cricket World Cup! There is a thrill in the name itself. It occupies an unique  position in the hearts of all cricket fans around the globe. Every World Cup leaves innumerable special moments that are cherished by the ardent fans throughout the rest of their lives. When did the Cricket World Cup start? Do you know the history of it? Here it is! Cricket World Cup is known to have its origin in the year 1975 from England. In the first world cup that was organized; seven Test-playing nations participated with the winner being West Indies. There are some great messages regarding the history of the competition and they are as follows:

1. The Cricket World Cup

What led to the initiation of the Cricket World Cup? The entire process had its start as the proposal to hold a tournament for the Test-playing nations every quarter year yet for many reasons such as wet summers and many more, this entire idea turned out to be a failure and this did not happen until 1975.

2. The Prudential World Cup

Are we aware of the Prudential World Cup? Why is it named so? In the years starting from 1975- 1983, England was the only country that had been capable of hosting the Cricket World Cup. In the first three editions, Prudential Plc was the sponsor and therefore, the Cricket World Cup is named the Prudential World Cup.

3. Kapil Dev 

The World Cup that took place in the year of 1983 is indeed very special for all the Indians. Do you know why? It is because we, the Indians, were the ones to win the third edition of the Cricket World Cup! Kapil Dev led the team and knocked out West Indies, the two-time World Cup champions, by 43 runs.

4. The Reliance World Cup 

Any guesses about the Reliance World Cup? I guess this is a new term for many, right? There was a reduction in the overs  to be played by each team - it reduced from 60 to 50! Who won the first World Cup Trophy? Any guesses? It was Australia who won over England to take away its first world cup trophy!

 5. Benson and Hedges World Cup

Do you know the specialty of the Benson and Hedges World Cup? The fifth edition of the Cricket World Cup organised by Australia and England in the year 1992 seemingly had witnessed many firsts! What does this even mean? All the players wore colored uniforms; the white ball was visible instead of the red ball and there were installations of the Black sight screens amidst many more.

6. Will’s World Cup

The Wills World Cup! Is it anything related to willpower? Let us know. The Cricket world cup that was co-hosted by Sri Lanka, India and Pakistan took place in the year 1996. The obvious question is why  it was named the Cricket World Cup? This Cricket World Cup tournament was sponsored by Wills and hence acquired this name. Something more about it! Sri Lanka won this Cricket tournament over Australia.

7. The ICC address

What was the change that took place in the history of the Cricket World Cup? From 1999, ICC, the International Cricket Council has taken the main lead in organizing the Cricket tournament without any sponsorship.

8. Garrard and Co.

The Current trophy for the Cricket World Cup takes the position for the first permanent prize in the history of the World Cup. A team of designers from Garrard, in London, designed and produced the Cricket World Cup. Garrard is the Crown Jewellers, and this was being made in two months.

9. The Cricket World Cup

Are there any further messages on the Cricket world cup? The world cup weighs 11 kilograms and has a height of 65 cm. The cup is made  of silver and gold with a globe that is golden in color and three silver columns are attached around it. The three silver columns represent the three basic features of cricket namely batting, bowling and fielding while the golden globe represents the ball with which cricket is played.

10. The ICC Logo

One more interesting fact! Though many of us are aware of it, the actual trophy for the Cricket World Cup is kept back by the ICC. Then what is the prize that is given to the winners? An award which is a replica of the original, is given to the winners.