Despite being India’s hottest sport, crickets’ stature everywhere on the planet is smallest compared to soccer, a sport that's competed by over 250 million players in over two hundred countries. Many cricketers have conjointly expressed their passion for the sport, as Mahendra Singh Dhoni earlier visited Manchester United's ground previous Trafford last month with the complete Indian cricket team. In this slideshow, we tend to point out ten Cricketers United Nations agency support soccer clubs:

1. Virat Kohli

The co-owner of FC Goa, Captain Kohli is an ardent supporter of the German team. Kohli was seen cheering for Germany throughout the world cup 2014. Kohli seems to be a large admirer of Philip Lahm within the German team. “I like Philipp Lahm. I like his work ethic. When it involves clubs, Kohli is an admirer of Real Madrid. Kohli aforementioned Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi square measure his 2 favorite international footballers.

2. Graeme Smith

This South African southpaw who leads his team to 108 red ball matches is a Liverpool supporter and goes on to praise Steven Gerrard. “Initially, what should strike you most regarding Steven is that you simply don’t get individuals like him in fashionable sport usually,” Smith told “His loyalty, pride and keenness for Liverpool is thus rare in these times and it makes him distinctive as a result of simply by that, he doesn’t have to be compelled to say something. The method he carries himself and therefore the club says enough, he leads by example. “ Well used to be the black sheep of my family. Everybody supports [Manchester] United, thus I’m the outcast,” unconcealed Smith.

3. MS Dhoni

The former Indian captain is a passionate soccer follower and supports Manchester United. Being a goalkeeper in his period of time, his love for soccer isn't a surprise. He was additionally named the ambassador of the ‘Barclays Premier League’ in Asian nations and has explicit loyalty for Manchester United on many occasions. MSD is the co-owner of ISL soccer club Chennai in FC.

4. Mahela Jayawardena

Mahela is thought to play poetic strokes and spreads calmness round the lots. Once it involves soccer, this trendy Sri Lankan cricketer could be a persistent fan of Manchester United. It was the semi-finals of the World Cup and in an exceedingly post-match interview Mahela spoke regarding his tension for the team, once they were up against Milano AC in Champions League. Although to his dismay, land had lost the planet Cup 2007 final to Australia and United were additionally eliminated later, despite their convincing AC Milano.

5. Dale Steyn

This speed star is a Brobdingnagian follower of Chelsea soccer club. Steyn has been noticed at Stamford Bridge on several occasions. Being an ardent person, he stays updated on Chelsea’s progress throughout the league.

6. Rahul Dravid

The wall of Indian cricket supports Arsenal. He has been a loyal supporter of Arsenal Wenger’s side over the years. In an interview, he states however Arsene Wenger’s “professorial and intellectual style” created him support for the military man.

7. Rohit Sharma

Rohit Sharma is a zealous Real Madrid supporter, and expresses his love for the team very often on social media. Once asked in an interview how he manages to catch the games throughout his busy schedule, he said, “Yes, I’m an enormous fan and I follow the Premier League. Once I’m finished my cricket follow and daily routine, I unwind with some football game. It's best to relax given our feverish schedule which I play Fantasy League with my friends, so, that competition makes the games even tons additional fascinating,” he adds. He rates Zinedine Zidane as his favourite player, but regrets not owning any of their jerseys.

8. Yuvraj Singh

The dashing left-hander could be a Manchester United follower. Yuvraj has been usually seen cheering for the reds. On many occasions, Yuvi displayed his love for the red devils through twitter.

9. Andrew Flintoff

The former England all-rounder is a huge fan of Manchester city. He likes to hold out together with his friends over several beers and a town game. He was roped in by the Premier League for his Barclays Fan of India competition in 2009, they seek for the foremost demon-ridden supporter of the Barclays Premier League within the country.

10. Kevin Pieterson

Popular English jock Kevin Pietersen may be a Chelsea fan. He is said to be friends with Chelsea stalwarts Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and John Terry. In an interview he had said, “Chelsea is my team. I'm friends with several players in Chelsea, as well as Frank Lampard, Ashley Cole and John Terry. I board Chelsea and train there too. I additionally underwent rehabilitation in Chelsea after I had my sinew injury,” Pietersen aforementioned.  Pietersen doesn’t shrink back from being a real blue fan.