The moments that decide a game will be when wickets are taken at vital stages, and the partnership is broken. In terms of T20 scoring, the runs will typically be more important, but severing a partnership and putting the other team on the defensive with strong bowling will pave the way for the team's win.  However, bowling such spells will require a lot of effort and practice. But these are the kinds of players that make the job seem simple. We offer you the names of such important players who delivered outstanding bowling performances. The top 10 bowlers in the Women's T20I who took the most wickets are listed below.

1. Anisa Mohammed (125)

Anisa Mohammed, a bowler for the West Indies, holds the record for taking the most wickets in Women's T20I with 125. Mohammed racked up 125 wickets in 113 innings, with a good economy of 5.57. Mohammed got 125 wickets in 113 innings, averaging 17.64 with a best bowling performance of 5/10.

2. Nida Dar (118)

With 118 wickets, Pakistani all-rounder Nida Dar will be the player with the next-highest total wickets. Nida Dar amassed 118 wickets in 117 innings while maintaining an exceptional economy of 5.40. Nida Dar's most effective spell in the T20I carrier is 5/21. In 117 innings, she has two five-wicket hauls and one four-wicket haul.

3. Ellyse Alexandra Perry (117)

The Australian all-rounder is third on the list of women's T20I players with the most wickets. Perry racked up 117 wickets with an outstanding economy of 5.88 in 123 innings. With a bowling average of 19.41, Perry's best bowling mark to date is 4/12. In 123 innings, she secured 4 four-wicket hauls.

4. Shabnim Ismail (115)

The player with the fourth-highest number of wickets in the Women's T20 international was South African Shabnim Ismail. In just 104 innings, she managed to take up 115 wickets at a respectable economy rate of 5.80. In just 104 innings, she managed to capture 2 five-wicket hauls at an average of 18.72.

5. Sophie Devine (110)

The New Zealand batting all-rounder now holds the fifth-most wickets in the Women's T20I, with 110 wickets. Devine picked up 110 wickets in 103 innings for an economy of 6.34. She has a four-wicket haul and a respectable bowling average of 17.45, with a best bowling spell of 4/22 in the Women's T20I.

6. Katherine Helen Brunt (110)

KH Brunt, an all-around bowler for England, ranks sixth on the list with 110 wickets. Burnt took 110 wickets in 106 innings for a good economy of 5.49. She had a four-wicket haul in 106 innings, the best bowling total of 4/15, and an average of almost 18. She was sixth among players who took the most wickets in the Women's T20I with 110.

7. Megan Schutt (109)

The Australian Megan Schutt holds the seventh-highest total of T20I wickets. Schutt grabbed 109 wickets in 87 innings, which was quite remarkable. With an economy of 6.24 and a bowling average of about 17, she has three four-wicket hauls in just 87 innings. 4/15 was her highest T20 international bowling performance.

8. Anya Shrubsole (102)

The Englishwoman Anya Shrubsole holds the eighth-most wickets in the Women's T20 International. Shrubsole picked up 102 wickets in 79 innings for an economy of 5.95. The game's T20 format bowling has a good economy of 5.95. Shrusole had a 15.55 average over 79 innings, with a best bowling score of 5/11, two four-wicket hauls, and one five-wicket haul.

9. Poonam Yadav (98)

With nine most wickets in the Women's T20 international, Indian player Poonam Yadav stood in ninth place. For India, Poonam is the player who has taken the most wickets. In just 72 innings, Poonam Yadav captured 98 wickets with a good economy of 5.75, three four-wicket hauls, and the best bowling total of 4/9 in her Women's T20I career.

10. Stafanie Roxann Taylor (98)

A well-known all-around player for the West Indies Women's Team is SR Taylor. Taylor ranks tenth among players who have taken the most wickets in Women's T20I with 98 in just 87 innings. Taylor only played 87 innings while taking 98 wickets at an economy rate of 5.66. In women's T20I, she had the best bowling figure (4/12).