Scoring a run for a batter in home conditions is a cakewalk, but doing so in away conditions is often hard. We have seen many great cricketers who were a menace in conditions but not the same away from home. Scoring runs in an unfamiliar condition is a difficult challenge for a batter. The opponent's bowlers are more conditioned to their home turf, and the crowd also plays an important role. So, playing in a different country is a difficult task for a batter. In this list, we look at top cricketers who performed well in away conditions

1. Sunil Gavaskar – India

Sunil Gavaskar is one of the best batsmen of all time for India. Sunil managed to counter the deadly bowlers of his time. Sunil is still regarded as one of the best openers. Sunil played 60 test matches in away conditions and scored 5055 runs with an excellent average of 52.11.

2. Steve Waugh – Australia

Steve Waugh was a brilliant captain of the Australian National team. Steve was a type of batter who was feared by bowlers all around the globe, but he was still greatly respected. Steve played 76 away tests and he scored 5083 runs in them. Steve's highest score in the away condition was 200.

3. Ricky Ponting – Australia 

Ricky Ponting is considered the best captain of all time. Ponting led Team Australia to win 2 World Cups. Ponting was also a brilliant test batsman who was capable of turning the game in his favor with his amazing batting. Ponting played 71 away games and he scored 5360 runs in them. Ponting dominated some of the best bowlers in their home ground.

4. Viv Richards – West Indies 

Viv Richards is a legend for the West Indies and the whole cricket world. Richard was the most elegant batsman of his time Richards was able to play his aggressive style anywhere in the world. Richard played 73 away matches and he scored 5404 runs in them. Richards scored this run with an average of 50.50.

5. Allan Border – Australia 

Allan Border was a superb captain for Team Australia. Border made Australia a powerhouse through his leadership skills. Border enjoyed destroying England bowlers on their home turf in his career. Border played 70 away games and scored 5431 runs. Border's highest score was 200.

6. Shivnarine Chanderpaul – West Indies

Shivnarine Chanderpaul was the backbone of batting for his country. Chanderpaul helped the West Indies a lot of times with his batting skills. Chanderpaul was also a great batter in away conditions. Chanderpaul has played 78 away games in which he scored 5488 runs.

7. Brian Lara – West Indies

Brian Lara is one the best batter to ever play for West Indies. Lara is widely respected and admired worldwide due to his amazing batting skills. Lara has the highest score in a test match by a player, 400 runs. Lara has played 66 away matches and he has smashed 5736 runs.

8. Jacques Kallis – South Africa

Jacques Kallis is the best all-rounder in cricket. Kallis proves it by his batting and bowling skills. Kallis has played 74 away games and has picked up 5919 runs in them. Kallis scored these runs with an average of 53.80. Kallis's highest score in away conditions is 189 runs.

9. Rahul Dravid – India

Rahul Dravid is the best batter for India. Rahul had a very amazing test career where he scored runs both in away and home conditions fairly. Dravid was very reliable for India throughout his whole career. Dravid played 94 away games and he smacked 7690 runs in them.

10. Sachin Tendulkar – India

To no surprise, Sachin Tendulkar is number one on this list. Also known as the god of cricket, Sachin achieved every record he could. Sachin scored runs both in away and home conditions. Sachin was truly the most complete batter ever. Sachin played 106 test matches away from home, and he scored 8705 runs in them. Sachin had an average of 54.74.