Strike rate is a number that denotes an average of how many runs that batter hits for every 100 balls that they face. A high batting strike rate means the player is an aggressive batter and scores quickly, whereas a lower strike rate means the player is a more conservative batsman. Strike Rate is an important measure to understand the capabilities of a player in T20 format.

Karachi Kings, a T20 franchise team in PSL, is one of the most famous teams in the PSL. The team has a vast fan following spread across the country and won their first PSL title in 2020 against Lahore Qalandars on 17 November 2020. Let us look at the top players from Karachi Kings who have the best strike rate in PSL.

1. Alexander Daniel Hales 

Alexander Daniel Hales is an English right-handed opening batsman. He played for Karachi Kings for one season in 2020 and has played nine games and scored 272 runs in seven innings with an average of 45.33 and a strike rate of 148.63. He has scored two fifties and 12 sixes.

2. Mohammad Nabi 

Playing for the Karachi Kings from 2021, Mohammad Nabi has played 14 matches for his team and scored 303 runs with a batting average of 27.54. His strike rate in PSL is 145.67, and he has smashed two half-centuries. His scores include 27 fours and 14 sixes.

3. CA Ingram 

CA Ingram is the third top player on our players’ list to have the highest strike rate in PSL from the Karachi Kings. Since 2018, he has played 28 matches and made 613 runs in the league. His strike rate during batting in these matches is 145.60, and he has a decent batting average of 30.65. Ingram has made two half-centuries in PSL to date and has hit 32 sixes as well.

4. Sharjeel Khan

The fourth player on our list who has the best strike rate in PSL from the Karachi Kings is Sharjeel Khan. He made his debut in PSL in 2020 and has played 33 matches in which he scored 785 runs. His batting average is 25.32, and his strike rate is 139.67. Sharjeel has hit three half-centuries and 53 sixes in PSL to date.

5. Chadwick Antonio Kirkpatrick Walton 

Chadwick Antonio Kirkpatrick Walton is a West Indian top-order batsman. He played with the Karachi kings from 2020 to 2021. He played 18 games and has scored 265 runs in 16 innings with an average of 22.08 and a strike rate of 137.30. He has scored 21 fours and 12 sixes.

6. Joe Michael Clarke 

Joe Michael Clarke is the sixth player on our list in the Karachi Kings to have the highest strike rate in PSL. He has played 13 matches and made 295 runs. His batting average was 26.81, and his strike rate was 137.20. Clarke has also smashed two half-centuries and hit 13 sixes in PSL.

7. Liam Stephen Livingstone 

Liam Stephen Livingstone is the eighth player to have scored the highest run in PSL from the Karachi Kings and played his first match for the team in 2019. He has played a total of 11 games to date. Stephen scored 321 runs with a batting average of 32.10 and hit three half-centuries. His innings include 15 sixes, and he has a strike rate of 130.48.

8. Imad Wasim

Imad Wasim is the eighth player on the list to have the highest strike rate in PSL. He started playing for Karachi Kings in 2016 and is the third-highest scorer in the team with 682 runs. Imad has played 68 matches in PSL and has maintained a batting average of 18.43. His strike rate is 127.71, which is pretty good. He has hit two half-centuries and 26 sixes in his PSL career.

9. JL Denly

JL Denly played for one season in PSL for Karachi Kings in 2018. He played 12 matches and scored 323 runs which included three half-centuries. It is the seventh-highest score by any player from Karachi Kings. His batting average was 32.30, and he maintained a strike rate of 125.68. He hit nine sixes in his PSL career.

10. Babar Azam 

Babar Azam is the player with the most runs in PSL from Karachi Kings. He started playing for the team in 2017, has played 66 matches to date, and scored 2398 runs. He has an excellent batting average of 43.60 and a strike rate of 121.97. Babar has also hit the highest number of half-centuries in the league. He has smashed 23 half-centuries and hit 37 sixes.