Cricket has three departments batting, bowling, and fielding. We have usually seen people talking about batting and bowling while the fielding sector doesn’t get enough recognition. Batters score runs, bowlers take wickets, but the fielder can do both. We have seen tremendous fielding efforts in cricket, like fielder grabbing blinder catch or running out batters with superior fielding efforts. In Test cricket, slip is the most crucial fielding place because the ball takes the edge of a bat and goes to slip position. Many legendary cricketers who are famous for being the greatest fielders.

1. Ricky Ponting 

Ponting is the most successful captain in cricket history. Australia have won two world Cup trophies under the leadership of Ponting. Along with batting and leadership, Ponting is famous for being one of the greatest fielders in cricket history. He took 196 catches in his test cricket.

2. Mark Waugh 

Mark Waugh Is a former Australian cricketer. He is regarded as one of the country’s greatest. He played cricket for ten years and achieved many milestones. He was a great fielder who rarely dropped any catches. He took 181 catches in test career.

3. MA Taylor

Taylor is a former Australian cricketer. He played cricket for almost ten years. He got the opportunity to represent Australia in more than a hundred tests. Taylor was one of Australia’s greatest fielders. He grabbed 157 catches in red-ball cricket.

4. Allan Border 

Border is a legendary cricketer. He is regarded as one of the greatest ever to play this game. The Border has achieved tons of milestones in his long cricket career. He also got an opportunity to lead Australia in test cricket. Border played a total of 156 test matches in which he took 156 catches.

5. Michael Clarke 

Clarke is a former Australian cricketer. He also has been captain of the world cup winning team. Michael’s records in test cricket are uncountable. He has been one of the greatest for his national team. Clarke has been one of the safest fielders who barely dropped any catches. He took 134 catches in test cricket.

6. Matthew Hayden 

The legendary Australian cricketer Mathew Hayden. He was famous for putting fear inside the bowlers. Hayden is famousas one of the greatest openers in cricket history. Hayden got an opportunity to play hundred test matches for Australia. He grabbed 128 catches in those outings.

7. Shane Warne 

Shane Warne is a superstar of cricket. His record in both Red-ball and White-ball cricket are astonishing. He is the second-highest wicket-taker bowler in test cricket. Warne has won various awards in cricket. He also featured in the Hall of fame. Warne played more than a hundred test matches and took 125 catches.

8. Steve Smith

Steve Smith is a modern-day Bradman. His record in red-ball cricket is just phenomenal. Smith has the best average in test cricket at this moment. He has scored 6000+ runs with a superior average of 62. Apart from batting,  he has been best in the fielding department also. He has taken 123 catches so far in 77 matches.

9. G.Chapelle

Chapelle is a former Australian cricketer. He is regarded as one of the legendary cricketers in test cricket. He played 87 matches in his career. Chapelle was also a safe fielder; he took 122 catches.

10. Steve Waugh 

Steve Waugh is a former Australian cricketer and captain. He is famous for dynamic batting. Waugh was part of Australia’s World Cup winning team. Waugh played cricket For 15 years. He featured in 168 matches and grabbed 112 catches.