Recognized for its versatile nature, the Australian cricket team has produced some fantastic cricketers. The last few decades have witnessed the apparent supremacy of Australian players in international and domestic cricket. The team has world-class batsmen and bowlers who continue to dominate the game in the present scenario.

1. RT Ponting

Ricky Thomas Ponting is a former right-hand batter known as Punter. He was the 42nd captain of the Australian cricket team. Ponting was the captain of the team from 2002 to 2012, which won the ODI world cup twice in 2003 and 2007. He is known to have led Australia to its “Golden Era” of cricket. Out of 229 ODI games, he won 164 of those and lost 51 games with a win percentage of 76.03.

2. AR Border

Allan Robert Border is a former left-hand batter and slow left-arm orthodox bowler. Allan is considered one of the greatest captains and a legendary batsman. He was the Australian skipper from 1985 till 1994, in which he played 178 matches as a captain and won 107 games and lost 67 of them with a win percentage of 61.42. He led Australia for their first ODI world cup win in 1987.

3. SR Waugh

Stephen Rodger Waugh is a former right-hand middle-over batter. In his captaincy, he led Australia to win the 1999 ODI cricket world cup. Waugh was Australia’s cricket team captain from 1997 till 2002. He played 106 matches and won 67, with a win percentage of 65.23. However, he missed 33 of the matches.

4. BJ Clark

Belinda Jane Clark is a former right-hand batter of the women’s Australian cricket team. She led the women’s side for two World Cup wins in 1997 and 2005 and is considered one of the greatest Australian women captains. She played 101 matches as a captain and won 83 of it and lost 17 with a win percentage of 83.00. Clark was the captain from 1994 till 2005.

5. MJ Clarke

Michael John Clarke is a former right-hand middle-order batter. After the retirement of Ponting, he was handed over the captaincy in 2011 as a full-time captain. Playing 74 matches as a captain, he won 50 of them and lost 21 games with a win percentage of 70.42. Clarke won the world cup in 2015 as a captain and announced his retirement.

6. MA Taylor

Mark Anthony Taylor is a former left-hand opening batter. He took the captaincy after the retirement of Allan Border. Taylor was the cricket team captain from 1992 till 1997, playing 67 games and winning 36 of them and losing 30 with a win percentage of 54.47.

7. MM Lanning

Meghann Moira Lanning is a right-hand top-order batter and the current captain of the Australian women’s side. She became the youngest Australian captain at the age of 21 in 2014 and is also someone who has the highest win percentage of 86.50 in the history of Australian women’s cricket. Moira played 63 matches as captain, won 54 of them, and lost eight games.

8. SPD Smith

Steven Peter Devereux Smith is a current right-hand middle-order batsman of the Australian cricket team and became the captain after the 2015 World Cup win. He played 51 ODI games and won 25 of them with a win percentage of 52.08. He was the captain for only three years and lost the captaincy in 2018.

9. GS Chappell

Gregory Stephen Chappell is a former right-hand top-order batter and was one of the best batters of his generation. He played 49 matches as a captain and won 21 of them and lost 25 with a win percentage of 45.65. Chappell was the captain from 1975 till 1983.

10. KJ Hughes

Kimberly John Hughes is a former right-hand batter. He was made the captain from 1979 till 1984. Hughes played 49 matches as captain and won 21 of it and lost 23 with a win percentage of 47.77.