In cricket, boundaries are considered to be one of the key elements to scoring more runs. Some players could hit big sixes. But boundaries are a key factor for scoring more runs. In test matches, boundaries are conceded more than sixes. So players who continuously play Test cricket, tend to have a better ability to hit more boundaries. The main idea is hitting a 4 is picking up the gap and choosing the area where the ball should travel in the ground. Here are the top 10 players from the Indian batting squad, who have more no. boundaries in all formats of cricket.

1. Sachin Tendulkar – 4365 Boundaries

At no.1 is the master blaster and former Indian batsman SACHIN TENDULKAR. The world knows what he is capable of and his records will speak about him even for many more centuries to come. He has a wide range of records in his batting. He has a total of 4365 boundaries, which will not be broken for many years. He has 2058 boundaries in Test cricket alone, 2010 in ODI cricket, and 295 in IPL.

2. Virat Kohli – 2933 Boundaries

At no.2 is King VIRAT KOHLI. People usually call him the King because of the attitude and aggression he shows on the field with his batting. He has a huge fan following just for his Cover driver boundaries. He has 404 boundaries in Test cricket, 298 in t20, 1153 in ODI, and 578 in IPL.

3. Virender Sehwag – 2742 Boundaires

At no.3 is the man who once holds the opening batting of Indian team VIRENDER SEHWAG. He was the finest of the batsmen around the world at his time. He is famous for hitting a boundary at his first ball of the innings. He has 1233 boundaries in Test cricket, 43 in t20, 1132 in ODI, and 334 in IPL.

4. Rahul Dravid – 2616 Boundaries

At no. 4 is the WALL of Indian batting squad RAHUL DRAVID. Bowlers were really worried about trying to get into his defense. He has a high talent to play test cricket for long hours. He has a total of 2616 boundaries. He has 1655 boundaries in test cricket, 950 boundaries in ODI, and 13 in IPL matches.

5. Rohit Sharma – 1992 Boundaries

At no.5 is powerful Hit man ROHIT SHARMA current Indian team captain and the player who has the most scored runs in ODI format. His innings are remarkable and classy. He has a unique style of batting and has the potential to hit big scores. He has 335 boundaries in Test cricket, 243 in t20 845 in ODI, and 519 in IPL cricket.

6. Shikar Dhawan – 1991 Boundaries

At no. 6 is the Indian team opening batsman SHIKAR DHAWAN. He has the power and ability to hit huge innings and sometimes he pressures the bowlers so much. He has a total of 1991 boundaries. He has 316 boundaries in Test cricket, 191 in t20, 783 in ODI, and 701 in IPL matches.

7. Ms Dhoni – 1832 Boundaries

At no. 7 is the man who will forever be loved and honored by cricket fans. MS DHONI the former captain and batsman of the Indian team has played some huge innings in his career and his boundary level is so high. He has 544 boundaries in Test cricket, 116 in t20 cricket 826 in ODI cricket, and 346 in IPL matches.

8. KL Rahul – 1424 Boundaries

At no.8 is classy KL RAHUL. He has a special kind of class in his batting and his stroke actions. He also got a pretty huge sum of boundaries among Indian batsmen. He has 309 boundaries in test cricket, 164 in t20 cricket, 124 in ODI cricket, and 827 in IPL matches.

9. Yuvraj Singh – 1258 Boundaries

At no. 9 is the famous Indian batsman YUVRAJSINGH. He was one of the main pillars of the Indian team’s batting order. He had a massive ability to hit a huge shot. And one of the few left-hand batsmen who could bat exceptionally.  He has 260 boundaries in test cricket, 27 in t20 908 in ODI cricket, and 13 sixes in IPL.

10. Suresh Raina – 1221 Boundaries

At no.10 is Suresh Raina, the man popularly known as MR.IPL. He has a total of 1221 boundaries across all the formats of cricket. He was on the Indian cricket team for 2 decades and played many matches across all the formats. He has 100 boundaries in Test cricket, 145 in T20 cricket, 470 in ODI cricket, and 506 in IPL matches.