If you are a sportsman, then your dominance is directly proportional to height. This myth was broken years ago by many cricket stars. Their short stature never bothered them. They showed that success could only be achieved only by dint of hard work. The world only knows that the height of their success is way more than any device could ever measure. Although there are many, this is the list of top 10. Being the inspiration for many, here is the list of 10 famous cricketers who did wonders despite their short height.

1. Sachin Tendulkar, 5’5”

This is why he is called the god of cricket. He proved that everyone could achieve success irrelevant of shape and size. The owner of countless records on his name would be an exceptional example for future generations. His height may be less, but his aura knows no boundaries.

2. Alvin Kallicharan, 5’5”

Also famous as Kalli, he is a former West Indies Cricketer. As a batsman, he appeared in 66 Tests and 31 ODIs. His domestic cricket numbers are simply impressive. His phenomenal performance shows that not only age but height is also a number.

3. Sunil Gavaskar 5'5"

The next myth breaker in the list is none other than Sunil Gavaskar. By achieving the record of 10000 runs in Test matches, he showed that he will be a challenge. He earned the title of “Little Master” and successfully marked the history with his name. Certainly, he will continue to enkindle many young hearts.

4. Gundappa Vishwanath, 5’3”

He may be short in height but still his game was profound. Standing 5’3”, he was one of the polished batsmen of his time. He featured in 91 Tests with a total score of 6080 runs and 25 ODIs. This man did all that he can, despite his diminutive height.

5. Tatenda Taibu 5'5"

 There is no chance that we miss his name. Tatenda Taibu is the youngest international captain ever and ended his career only after securing the position of the fourth-highest run-scorer. Being short did  not let him feel short. He appears to be way taller if the criteria are a success.

6. Parthiv Patel 5’3”

 Indian Cricketer Parthiv Patel was just five  feet tall when he made his Test debut against England. This left-handed batsman was also a wicket-keeper and opener for 38 ODIs, where he hit 736 runs. Being in sports by profession, he gained three more inches.

7. Alfred Percy Freeman (A.K.A. -Tich Freeman) 5’2”

He was an English cricketer who stood 5ft 2inches tall. Freeman was an excellent addition to the  team. He featured in 12 Tests where he bagged 154 runs and took a total of 66 wickets. It is worth appreciating that, in those 12 Tests, he took five wickets in innings five times.

8. Walter Latter Cornford (A.K.A -Tich Cornford) 5’0”

Cricketer was barely five feet tall. Tich played 4 Tests for England, where he gathered 36 runs. He was also a wicket-keeper. It is noteworthy that in First-Class cricket, he earned fame, scoring 6554 runs in 496 matches.

9. Haque 5'7"

 He is one of the best Test batsmen for Bangladesh. He has featured in 33 matches so far, in which he maintained a decent average of 44. A look at his records is enough to say that he was remarkable. He even has 11 consecutive Test half-centuries to his name.

10. Kruger Van Wyk 4’7”

The shortest cricketer ever to feature in the international Test and T20 cricket as well is Cornelius Francoius Kruger. He stands 3 feet 9 inches. The wicket-keeper and right-handed batsman benefitted from a total of 341 runs in 9 Tests. He is another one on the list who showed that height is just a number.