The irony is the most emotional moment comes from the slightest emotional thing. You guessed it right; it is death. Many cricketers in the history of cricket did not know that their career would end their lives. Who could ever imagine that the batsman, who is ready to hit the ball, is about to be hit by death? Here we bring the stories of ten unnatural deaths of cricketers while they were on the field:

1. Darryn Randall

A South African cricketer passed away as the ball hit his head. He had played for various youth teams. The first-class cricketer tasted death during a game between Fort Hare University and Old Selbornians.

2. Philip Hughes

Philip Hughes was an Australian left-handed opening batsman. He was left unconscious by a bouncer by Sean Abbott on 25 November 2014. The collision caused a vertebral artery dissection leading to a hemorrhage. Unfortunately, he left the world in a shocking state with his demise on 27 November.

3. Wilf Slack

Featuring in three tests and two ODIs, Wilf was in the national team of England. On 15 January 1986,  the 34-year-old Wilf collapsed and passed away. He was immensely popular among his fellow cricketers. He was also mourned in New Zealand, where he coached in five English winters.

4. Wasim Raja

He was in Pakistan’s National cricket team and had appeared in 57 Test matches and 54 ODIs. In August 2006, while playing in England, he passed away due to a heart attack. His batting style was extremely astounding.

5. Raman Lamba

Raman Lamba was an Indian cricketer who battled in 4 Tests and 32 ODIs. In 1998, while playing for Bangladesh, he was attached by ball due to a misfield. That incident first caused a hemorrhage which eventually led him into a coma. It did not take much for death to search him. His death unveiled the deadly nature of cricket.

6. Abdul Aziz

Abdul Aziz was a Pakistani opening and wicket-keeping batsman. His death was one of the most lethal accidents the game of cricket had ever witnessed. Death took the shape of the ball and was delivered by Dildwar Awan. The batsman collapsed and died on the way to the hospital.

7. Andy Ducat

 Andy represented England and Surrey. He secured 52 centuries for Surrey. In 1920, he was tagged as the cricketer of the year. The batsman suffered a heart attack while playing at Lord’s Stadium. He died within seconds of a heart stroke and added his name to this list. 

8. Richard Beaumont

Richard was an English club cricketer and a bowler. The luck showered at him, and he took five wickets at the cost of his life. Suddenly, Richard fell to the ground due to a heart attack on that black day. As soon as he arrived at the hospital, he was declared dead. Nobody could predict what the next moment has for us unless time unravels it.

9. Ian Folley

Folley was a spin bowler and began his career in 1982. He was playing for Whitehaven. While batting against Workington, an unusual accident happened. A ball hit underneath his eye, and he was taken to a town hospital for surgery. Amidst anesthesia, he died of a heart attack.

10. Jasper Vinall

Probably, Jasper was the first cricketer who lost his life during a match. During a match in 1624, a bat accidentally hit his head. He died two weeks after the incident and has had his name mentioned in the list.