When the first ODI was played in 1971, none would have imagined the popularity that it would gain in the future. ODIs are the most viewed format of cricket in the present scenario. ODIs have witnessed an evolution in the game pattern ever since the beginning. Today ODI is played for a maximum of 50 overs, and the various cricket teams participate in this. The ICC grants ODI status to its members, including some of the Associate members.

1. India

The Indian cricket team started playing ODI cricket in 1974. The Indian cricket team is one of the most successful ODI teams. The Indian team has played the maximum number of ODI games. It includes 996 games in which they won 518 and lost 428. Their win percentage is 54.71. So far, 241 players have played ODI cricket from India.  AL Wadekar was the first ODI captain of India. Team India also won the 1983 and 2011 ODI cricket World Cup.

2. Australia

The team to have played the second-highest number of ODI matches is Australia. They have played 958 games so far and won 581 of them. They, however, lost 334 of the matches and their win percentage is 63.36. The team played its first ODI in 1971, and Australi's first test captain was WM Lawry. They have won five ODI cricket World Cups in 1987, 1999, 2003, 2007, and 2015.

3. Pakistan

The Pakistan cricket team played its first ODI match in 1973 and stood third in the list of teams with the most ODI matches. Intikhab Alam is the first ODI captain of Pakistan. So far, Pakistan has played 936 ODI games. Their win number is 490 and, they have lost 417 of the matches. The win percentage in all of these matches is 53.98. The Pakistan cricket team won the 1992 ODI cricket World Cup.

4. Sri Lanka

The Sri Lankan cricket team started playing ODI cricket in 1975 and is at number 4 in the list of cricket teams with the most ODI matches. The first Test Captain for Australia was APB Tennekoon. Out of the 867 ODI games they have played, they have managed to register a win in 393 of them. The 1996 ODI cricket World Cup trophy is with Sri Lanka.

5. West Indies

With RB Kanhai as their first ODI captain, the West Indies cricket team stands at number five in our Top 10 list. West Indies team played their first ODI match in 1973 and is also the first team to win the ODI cricket World Cup. The team has played 831 ODI games and registered a win 405 of them. They, however, lost 386 matches, and their win percentage remained 51.18. The team has won two ODI world cups, namely the 1975 and 1979 world cup.

6. New Zealand

Though the NewZealamnd team has not won any ODI world cups till now, they have performed well in other respects. Giving ODI platform to about 200 New Zealand cricketers so far, the team had BE Congdon as its first ODI captain. The New Zealand cricket team started its ODI campaign in 1973 and has played 775 ODI games. They registered their win in 354 matches and lost 374. Their win percentage in these matches is 48.63. and the first captain was

7. England 

England is one of the two pioneer teams that started ODI in 1971 and, R Illingworth is the first ODI captain of England. The England cricket team has played 761 games, the seventh-highest number on the top 10 list. They won 384 of the matches and lost 339 with a win percentage of 53.07. England cricket team won the 2019 ODI cricket World Cup.

8. South Africa

South Africa cricket team has the eighth-highest ODI game total. Known as The Proteas, the team played its first ODI match in 1991. CEB Rice is the first ODI captain of South Africa. So far, the South African cricket team has played 635 ODI games and has registered a win in 388. The win percentage in the matches is 63.57. A total of 143 South African players have played ODI cricket.

9. Zimbabwe 

Zimbabwe is the ninth-ranked team in the teams who have played the maximum number of ODI games. Zimbabwe played their first ODI match in 1983, and DAG Fletcher captained the team. They have played 538 games and won 139 of them. The win percentage remains 27.18. About 145 players have got the chance to play ODI from the Zimbabwe team.

10. Bangladesh

The last team on our list is the Bangladesh cricket team. They played 388 games till now and won 136 of them. Losing, 245 of them their, win percentage remains 35.69. Its first ODI match was in 1986, and Gazi Ashraf captained the team.