This article will look at the top 10 ICC ODI SERIES, in which there are more centuries. ODI cricket is one of the main platforms to score more centuries. Batman around the world uses this platform to create new records, hit more runs, and create histories. ICC ODI series is one of the purest forms of cricket, which involves a whole day to play. Within these 50 overs, batsmen have a huge opportunity hit more runs. In the past, the world has seen great centuries in the ICC ODI series. Let’s look into the top 10 ODI series, in which players scored the maximum number of centuries.

1. Icc Men's Cricket World Cup Super League ( 2020-2023)

The ICC ODI series which had the most no of centuries is the ICC men’s cricket World cup super league which was from 2020 to 2023.  These series happen all around the world in many nations. Some series will be tour series from one country to another. Till now this series had 92 matches and a total of 62 centuries. This is the highest any series has ever seen

2. Icc Cricket World Cup – 2014/15 

At no.2 is the ICC cricket world cup which happened in 2014/15. This series was an amazing one and created numerous records. This series was played majorly in Australia and some in New Zealand. This series had 48 matches and a total of 38 centuries. In the end, Australia won this series.

3. Icc Cricket World Cup – 2019

The third series which has the most o of centuries is the ICC cricket world cup that took place in 2019. This series was conducted in England and wales. This series had a lot of disturbances due to rain and other weather conditions. This series had 45 matches in total and 31 centuries by batsmen.

4. Icc Cricket World Cup - 2010/11

The series at the 4th place to have more no of centuries is the ICC cricket world cup series that happened during 2010/11. This series was played in Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka. This series was played in Bangladesh in 2010 and in India and Sri Lanka in 2011. This series had 49 matches and a total of 24 centuries by batsmen.

5. Icc Cricket World Cup – 2002/03

At no.5 is the series which happened from 2019- to 2013. This is the ICC Men’s cricket world cup league 2. This series was played all over the world along with all the countries. Teams either play this in a series of world cups or a tour series between countries, this series had 71 matches and a total of 22 centuries.

6. Icc World Cup - 2006/07 

In the 6th spot is the famous ICC cricket world cup that was played in 2002/03. This series was played in Kenya, South Africa, and Zimbabwe. This series saw a new generation of cricket players emerging. This series had 52 matches in total and 21 centuries all over.

7. Icc Men’s World Cup (2019-23)

At the 7th spot is another ICC ODI tournament which happened during 2006/07. This is the ICC world cup series which happened in West Indies. This series was played in very critical situations and had a lot of tense situations. This series was played majorly in West Indies. This series had 51 matches and a total of 20 centuries.

8. Wills World Cup – 1995/96

At the 8th spot is the thrilling Will’s world cup that happened during 1995/96. This series was majorly played in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Teams all around the world participated in this world cup series, and this had a total of 36 matches and 16 centuries.

9. Asia Cup – 2008 

At no.9 is an ICC ODI series that was conducted only for the Asian teams. This is the Asia cup which includes teams from Bangladesh, Hong Kong, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, and the United Arab Emirates. This series was played in Pakistan in 2008. This series had 13 matches and 13 centuries in total.

10. Reliance World Cup – 1987/88

The 10th spot is for an ICC ODI world cup series called the Reliance world cup series which was played in India and Pakistan in 1987and 1988. This series set a new mark in the history of cricket to have more centuries. This record was later broken after many years. This series had 27 matches and 11 centuries in total.