A wicket-keeper is a vital role in the game of cricket. A wicket-keeper’s job is to collect the ball by standing behind the stumps and to stop the ball from going behind. Keepers also try to catch the ball if it is edged by a batter, or to stump him if he is outside of his batting crease. Keepers are responsible for many works, and it is also considered as a challenging role in the game of cricket. However, there are many keepers who are doing this role efficiently, and hence are known as the best keepers in the world. In this article, we will look at the top 10 wicket-keepers with the most stumping in ODI cricket.

1. Jos Butler – 37

Jos Butler is an aggressive batter from the England national team and also a great wicket-keeper. Butler do his role of wicket-keeping fantastically and he is also a good fielder. Butler has played 178 matches in ODI and has stumped 37 times. Butler has also taken 220 catches behind the stumps.

2. Rashid Latif – 38

Rashid Latif was a Pakistani wicketkeeper who played for the national team from 1992 to 2003. Rashid was a neat wicketkeeper and a good batsman. Rashid has played 166 matches in ODI and has stumped 38 times. Rashid has taken 182 catches behind the stumps, totaling of 220 dismissals.

3. Ian Healy – 39

Ian Healy was the pulse of the Australian National team for almost a decade. Healy was a fantastic keeper who did his role well. Ian played 168 matches and has stumped 39 times. Ian has also taken 194 catches behind the stumps, making 233 dismissals.

4. Nayan Mongia – 44

Nayan Mongia was professionally serious about the game on the field but was equaled happy and cheerful off the field. Mongia was an efficient keeper, who succeeded   Kiran More in keeping for India. Mongia has played 140 matches and has taken 44 stumps in his ODI career.

5. Adam Gilchrist – 55

Adam Gilchrist was a fearless batter from the Australian National team. Gilchrist was known for is fantastic batting techniques and his terrific wicket keeping skills. Gilchrist has played 287 matches in ODI cricket and has taken 55 stumping in them. Adam has also taken 417 catches behind the stumps in his career.

6. Mushfiqur Rahim – 56

Mushfiqur Rahim is one of the Bangladesh longest serving cricketers, playing since 2005. Rahim is a fantastic batter who plays in middle-order and gives strength to the team and also help them by his keeping skills. Rahim has played 265 matches in ODI cricket and has taken 56 stumping.

7. Moin Khan – 73

Moin Khan was known because of his renewed keeping skills. Moin helped Pakistan’s lower order crisis for a long time by his batting. Moin played 219 matches in his ODI career and has taken 73 stumping. Moin has also taken 214 catches behind the wickets, making a total dismissals of 287.

8. Romesh Kaluwitharana – 75

Romesh Kaluwitharana was a former Sri Lankan wicketkeeper who played for the Sri Lankan national team from 1990 to 2004. Romesh has played 189 matches in his ODI career and has taken 75 stumping. Romesh has also taken 132 catches behind the stumps, making a total dismissals of 207.

9. Kumar Sangakkara – 99

Kumar Sangakkara is one of the legendary wicket keepers ever. Sangakkara was known because of refined batting and keeping skills, which made him a legend of Sri Lankan National team. Sangakkara has played 404 matches in ODI and has taken 99 stumping. Sangakkara has 402 catches behind the stumps.

10. MS Dhoni – 123

MS Dhoni is the most popular and legendary wicketkeeper ever. Dhoni was known for his extraordinary keeping skills, which were very fast compared to other keepers. MS is also the first and only keeper to take more than 100 stumping in ODI cricket. MS has played 350 games in ODI and has taken 123 stumping.