Fair play, is the best policy any team can adopt to win a match but many teams and their players use certain techniques, such as tampering of the ball to get better-advanced bowling circumstances and ultimately, a one-on-one win. mentioned below are the top 10 cricket incidences in which the teams were caught cheating.

1. England Cricket Team

John lever of England was accused of applying ‘vaseline’ on one side of his ball so that the ball swings better on that side. This incident took place in a match played against India in Chennai. It was a test match and the player used a gauze piece to divert the audience and the umpire to remove sweat.

(b) The captain of England Michael Atherton, rubbed the ball loosely against dirt in a match played against South Africa at Lord's. He claimed that he used the dirt from the field to keep his hands dry. He was duly fined but his suspension has not proceeded.

(c) Former England cricketer Marcus Trescothick. In a report, he claimed that he used mint-induced saliva to maintain shine and spark on the ball. This incident took place after the victory in ashes 2005. This was caught on camera real soon, the cricketer claimed it was a false incident initially. But things didn’t prove in the favor of the cricketer.

2. New Zealand Cricket Team

The team used bottle caps to temper the ball in a match played against Pakistan in Faisalabad in 1990. This news was confirmed much later by the former wicket-keeper batsman named Adam Parore. The tempering made an effect on the ball that increased the swing. No charges were laid in the matter.

3. Pakistani Cricket Team

Waqar Younis of the Pakistani team, played his fingers on the ball in a match played against South Africa in a triangular one-day series in Sri Lanka in 2000. He was the first bowler to be charged for tampering and hence was fined 50% of the match fees and a few months suspension. Waqar Younis is a prominent leading player for the Pakistani team but this acquisition of tempering made the team, as well as the player, drop down the list.

b)Another player of Pakistan named Shahid Afridi was caught on camera as he was biting the ball during a one-day international against Australia in Perth. Shahid Afridi, an all-rounder and once a captain was found guilty and wasn't allowed to play for two international T20's

4. Indian Cricket Team

Great Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar was accused of ball-tampering in a match played against Australia by referee Mike. Sachin Tendulkar claimed that he was removing the moisture with his hands caused due to the wet climatic conditions. BCCI backed off the test series after hearing the decision. Later on, the ICC said that the player was not guilty of tampering but for cleaning the ball without the umpire's permission.

b) Former cricketer Rahul Dravid was accused of ball-tampering on the Chinese side of the ball with the help of a cough lozenge in a match played against Zimbabwe. The player was found guilty and was charged 50% of the match fee. This incident brought down the well-reputed image of Rahul Dravid on all the International platforms.

5. Australian Cricket Team

The bowler Cameron Bancroft tampered with the ball using a yellow piece of rubber that gave extra swing to the ball. After tampering, he stuck the rubber in his trousers. Captain Steve Smith and vice-captain David Warner accepted the guilt and were suspended for the next test match and charged 100% of the match fee. While Cameron was charged 75%.

6. South African Cricket Team

In 2016 South Africa was found guilty of tampering with the ball by using mint or lollipop saliva on the ball to give extra swing to the ball. The player who did this was charged 100% of the match fee.