In cricket, an umpire makes some important decisions. The on-field umpires make decisions about the placement of the fielders, and appeals for dismissals. They are responsible for conducting the game with proper rules and laws. As the experience increases, an umpire becomes sharper in making decisions. Here, we have a list of the top ten officials with the most matches as an umpire.

10. Darrell Hair

Darrell Hair is a former cricket umpire from Australia who retired in August 2008. He stood in his first test match as an umpire between Australia and India in 1992. Hair was one of the two umpires who declared England winners by forfeiture in games against Pakistan in August 2006. He makes it into the tenth position on the list with 223 games officiated as an umpire.

9. Nigel Llong

Nigel Llong is a former first-class cricketer and umpire of England. In the 1990s, he played first-class cricket with Kent County Cricket Club. The ODI in which Llong made his debut as an umpire was between England and Pakistan. Currently, he officiates IPL matches, and with 224 international games stood as an umpire, he is in the ninth position on the list.

8. Ian Gould

Ian Gould is a retired English first-class cricketer and a former ICC Elite Panel for Cricket Umpires. He was one of the 16 umpires to stand in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019. Ian played 18 ODI matches for England as a wicket-keeper batsman and scored 400+ runs. Making it into the eighth position on the list, he stood as an umpire in 251 international matches.

7. David Shepherd

David Shepherd played county cricket for Gloucestershire and was famous as one of the best umpires in the cricketing world. He was the first official to stand as an umpire in at least one test match in every test cricket-playing nation. David officiated in 264 International matches (92 tests and 172 ODIs) and is in the seventh position on the list.

6. Daryl Harper

Daryl Harper is a retired international cricket umpire who umpired 279 international matches, 214 List A matches, and 164 first-class matches. In 2011, he retired from umpiring after receiving unfair criticism from Indian players after a test match against West Indies. Daryl is one of the most disciplined cricket umpires and is on the sixth list.

5. Simon Taufel

Simon Taufel is a former cricket umpire winner of 5 consecutive ICC Cricket Umpire of the Year awards from 2004 to 2008. He officiated in his first ODI match as an umpire in 1999 at 27. After 13 years, Simon retired from umpiring in 2012 after the final of ICC World T20 2012. He stood as an umpire in 282 international games. Simon makes it into the fifth position on the list.

4. Billy Bowden

Billy Bowden is a current international cricket umpire and famous for his 'crooked finger of doom' out signal. He is an entertaining umpire, and everyone, both on the field and off the field, loves him. Billy recently umpired 2 WODIs in 2021. He makes it into the fourth position on the list with 308 international matches (84 Tests, 200 ODIs, and 24 T20Is) officiated as an umpire.

3. Steve Bucknor

Steve Bucknor is a former cricket umpire with an umpiring career from 1989 to 2009, and it is the third on the list. He was a football goalkeeper and referee before becoming a cricket umpire. Steve has officiated in five consecutive Cricket World Cup finals between 1992 and 2007. In his 20 years career, he stood as an umpire in 309 international matches, 172 first-class matches, and 221 List A games.

2. Rudi Koertzen

Rudi Koertzen is a retired international cricket umpire from South Africa who officiated in 331 international matches. He stood as an official in his first international match in December 1992, which was between South Africa and India. After 18 years, in 2010, Rudi decided to retire from umpiring and stood in his last test match in July 2010 between Australia and Pakistan. He is in the second position on the list.

1. Aleem Dar

Aleem Dar is a former Pakistani first-class cricketer and current cricket umpire. He is the record holder for most International matches officiated as an umpire. Dar won three consecutive David Shepherd awards between 2009 and 2011. He makes it into the first position on the list with 400+ international matches stood as an umpire.